Pinterest Delivers Once Again

Last Friday arrived, with my alarm all set and ready to log on and purchase a ticket to Alt Summit NYC. I learned of Alt Summit awhile back, and eagerly follow their newsletters and site, full of blogging and design advice, class offerings and recaps from past Summits that they’ve hosted. With this upcoming event in NYC, at the Martha Stewart headquarters no less, I was excited to have the opportunity to actually attend myself, network, learn and get inspired. 

And then, due to the lovely nature that is technology, servers failed and tickets sold out, and I was left disappointed and frustrated.

Then...due to fantastic customer service and an email that absolutely made my day, I registered last night and will now be attending the Summit in NYC this June. 

But before I received this fabulous news, I spent a large part of Sunday evening hungry for design and style inspiration, feeling as dreary as this grey March weather. I scrolled through Pinterest, clicking one photo then another and anther, and started to reignite my creativity a little.

And so, in honor of Alt Summit NYC, here are some of the images that captured my attention this past weekend. I plan on doing this more often, spending more time exposing myself to everything that is available, pushing myself to push my own creativity on a daily basis. Whether it be food or fashion, home decor or stationery, flowers or art, there is so much around us waiting to be looked at, beautifully/oddly/in a new way.

A special shout out to the following stylish sources 
that I love exploring
 and can always rely on 
to give me a dose of design inspiration: 

all photos via Pinterest

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