Today I fell in love with...


Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I know I’m a little behind the times, but today I finally gave in and decided to give this much talked about beverage a try.

It was a dessert in a warm, comforting mug, that surrounded me in the scent of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving and home, every time I lifted it to my lips.

It brought a smile to my morning that was much needed.

Now the only issue: how to prevent myself from ordering one every morning hence forth?

photo courtesy of weheartit.com 



birthday cupcake candidate


strawberry and cinnamon cupcakes for breast cancer awareness.


i made the switch. i wanted to get back into posting on my blog and sometimes it’s as simple as wanting to share some inspirational (or just plain pretty) pictures, or a quote, or a quick memo. 

so i’ve relocated over here, to tumblr, where i think it’ll easier to post on-the-go, and focus on content, any content and see where it takes me.

i’ve missed taking advantage of this creative online outlet and excited to dive back in. 

i crave. 


(via flamingo / flamingo!)

cupcakes never get old. toss in some black and white and kate spade and they are the chicest cupcakes ever. 


from the 4th floor: a surprise birthday party, featuring chocolate cupcakes from sprinkles!