After graduating with a degree in Journalism from Ithaca College, I moved from a full life in upstate New York to a new life in Boston, falling in love with the city and growing up along the way. I garnered work experience in a variety of industries, from administration and marketing, to weddings and events, all the while, not letting go of my love for writing.

I currently work for a food and hospitality PR firm, loving every minute of it, and maintaing my passion for weddings with side work, unable to remove myself from the beauty of flowers, an obsession with fun stationary, and being a part of the experience of creating memories. 

After several years of on-and-off again blogging and Tumblr-ing due to schedules that made a dedicated blogging routine difficult, just recently I gained the opportunity to settle down within the world wide web, and created Pints of Peonies, an outlet to chronicle my life, my thoughts, the pretty things and pretty photos that give me joy, my musings, to capture images and words that inspire me, that motivate me, things that I want to share with others. Pints of Peonies is my little space in the blogosphere, in this amazing world, where I can grow as a writer, where I can foster the creativity that I hope is within me, and connect with others, near and far.

Bear with me as I figure out my own style, my own design, what truly calls at me to include and express on this site, through my posts and writing.  

I’m in my late 20's, currently living in the suburbs of Boston, with my boyfriend and my pretty cool cat. The boy collects pint glasses from ski mountains and local bars, and peonies are my favorite flowers. I love the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, of the idea of these two items coming together in a mis-matched way, of surrounding my life with both. 

Some of my (other) favorite things include lattes, sweet treats, magazines, sparkles, anything with stripes, the power of the written word, girlfriends, pasta, pineapple on my pizza, alliterations, breakfast at tiffanys, cozy throws, manatees and manicures (DIY preferred). 

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