Party Planning Bibles

photos courtesy of amazon.com

Today at work I assisted with organizing our internal staff day-long meeting that is taking place tomorrow. It wasn’t a big deal, but I decided on the menus for lunch, snacks and cocktails (which will be needed after a day full of meetings that begin bright and early).

I put together some nice binders with an agenda, project descriptions for all divisions in our company, and of course, organized them with (hot pink and purple) dividers.

As I took care of these little details, something struck me: I loved doing this. I wanted to do even more for our internal staff event; I wanted to make it nicer and better run and styled.

I enjoy planning events. I enjoy throwing parties. Give me a little taste of it, like today at the office, and I want to run with it. It was almost a tease being able to do only a little of what I love, and what I do well.

I want to throw dinner parties. Themed. Festive bbqs and picnics.
Pot luck dinners and cocktail hours.
Birthday parties for 8 year old and 80 year olds.
Brunches and bowling show-downs.

I’m not sure how to turn this into a career, but they say ‘follow your interests, do what you enjoy.’ So for now, my friends and family get to be on the receiving end of my experiments, my baking and cooking, my arts and crafts.

And my co-workers get to enjoy some apple cinnamon bread that’s currently cooling in my kitchen tomorrow morning at our meeting.


Daily Desire

Do you see this pattern!? Cupcakes!
I’ve been a big fan of LeSportsac for years and have some pieces of theirs already.
And I adore weekend bags and large totes.
With this adorable pattern, it’s on my desire list already.

(thank you Smart Pretty and Awkward for showcasing this!)

Prepping some veggies

Ready to be cooked…


After doing a yoga DVD last night, my body is fantastically sore.
And with it absolutely gross out (cold, drizzly, yucky),
going for a run was definitely off my list this evening.

So instead, I put together a healthy dinner: stuffed peppers. I didn’t follow a recipe, but used my creativity, and stuffed 2 green peppers with:
brown rice, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic, salt & pepper,
breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese…
and then topped off with some shredded Mexican-style cheese.

Bake for 30 minutes and serve.

Nothing gourmet, nothing fancy, but still,
a nice cooked-in-the-oven meal.

Quite good I must say, but next time,
I need to up the spice & flavor level…
maybe more garlic.

Still, I’m already looking forward to
the other pepper for lunch tomorrow…
and relaxing tonight with the remote and my book,
after a long, hectic, stressful hump day at the office.

Hair inspiration

I’m a total sucker for a girly reality show.

I’m currently on the couch, wrapped up in The Hills & The City
and thinking what a show would be like if my girlfriends and I
were followed around and filmed.
Wonderfully scary.

Watching The Hills and Heidi’s transformation,
can’t help but make me contemplate female appearance and body image in our society.
It is without a doubt, one of the
most messed up, sad, scary examples I’ve ever witnessed.
I want to explore this more.

And on The City…gosh, I love Erin’s hair.
I desperately need a hair cut and color and her style I find adorable and chic.
I just might need to print out a copy of this
to bring wherever I can get an appointment with ASAP!



Thanks to a friend for sharing this delicious find!
It’s bittersweet though-if only I could actually afford this adorable piece for my apartment!!
Ughh I’m trying to find ways to make some extra money,
ideally doing something I thoroughly enjoy!! I’m on a mission!

Until then, I’ll have to resort to just day-dreaming about
cupcake side tables and Anthropologie themed bedrooms.

Treating Oneself

I had a mix of emotions after my girlfriends left on Sunday
(after a delicious brunch at the Paramount on Charles Street I must add though).
I was sad they left, yet excited to have the afternoon to tidy up,
run errands in Harvard Square and indulge in some
homemade gorgonzola-sausage-onions & peppers pizza with the boy.

A weekend with college girlfriends obviously involves an insane amount of girl talk,
ranging from the light and flirty talk
to the serious venting, and after their departure,
my brain was still trying to process it all.

50% off the bargain basement at Urban Outfitters
plus some lovely finds for spring
(including the dress above but in navy & white)…

…a papaya-pineapple iced tea from TeaLuxe
and a couple new magazine treats help wondrously : )

Thank you to Hiking in Stilettos for giving me the joy of coming home after a crazy Monday to find these pretty polishes at my door! The only thing that held me back from applying the lilac color immediately is the hot neon pink my nails are currently sporting thanks to my weekend manicure with my girls.


Florals Inside & Out

…and the pretty flowers I picked up on my way home from work
and placed in my favorite vase,
to decorate for my visitors this weekend
(2 of my college girlfriends are in town
to eat, drink, shop and gossip the weekend away!)


A messy success

Brioche night #2:

My incredibly sticky dough was rolled out, separated into 2 sections and
each filled with fruity goodness (raspberry and peach jams).
I had difficulty in figuring out how to wrap/fold them so I improvised.
They sat for over an hour to rise some more
and since I don’t have a loaf pan,
they were each placed in an aluminum square pan….

…and they grew!
Fruit leaked all over the sides
but the amazing smell of baking bread filled my apartment
and wrapped around me.

The raspberry one was way too messy and folded haphazardly to photo
but the peach one turned out at least decently.

I’ve already tasted tested both varieties and the warm combination of
delicious carbs with sweet fruit was perfect.

I obviously just need to work on my presentation factor.
But making my own bread dough and having it be at least a
tasteful success has inspired me.
And luckily with this recipe, I have another ball of dough in my freezer,
awaiting a near-future baking experiment : )

Hot hot hot

Georgina Chapman, co-founder of Marchesa, looks absolutely stunning.

While on one of my new favorite sites, PinkMemo,
I came across this party shot
and it stopped me in my online-tracks.
Absolutely gorgeous.

I love covered chest and arms, and super short dresses.
Subtly screams sexy.

Secretarial Style

Inspired by Mad Men (of course!) I’ve recently really been into the classic secretarial fashion from the 1950s and 1960s: skirts (tailored, distinct waist), fitted, button up shirts, heels, minimal jewelry. There is something undeniably sexy and chic about this style. You can’t help but feel professional, put together and sharp (a word my grandmother would have used in the 1950s and still does).

Posh rocks this look (as she does most all styles)

A classic that will never die: white button up, black pencil skirt. Classy & sexy in one.

Even Tina Fey looks hot decked out in these designs. I usually consider her funny & cute, but with this look, she’s smokin’.


Brioche Night 1

my brioche dough is currently rising,
after getting quite an arm workout,
mixing all the flour into dough
and tomorrow evening I’ll be creating
some (hopefully!) delicious jam filled goodies.

Crossing my fingers for great success!

I’ve taken up running (as in, I’ve ran the past 2 days). But today I agreed to participate in a 5K run with my company. True, that isn’t a very long distance, but for someone like me,
someone who isn’t exactly athletic by any means and who hasn’t done much running before,
5K is an absolute marathon.

So I have 2 months to get there. I accepted because it’ll act as perfect motivation to work out
and get in shape. I said yes, so I must do it; no backing out now.

I’m excited for this new endeavor.

And I saw these pretty flowers on my evening run.
Lovely sights and smells make exercising even better.

My favorite "granola" bars

I’m a big proponent for granola and snack bars. I have one almost everyday as an afternoon pick-me-up and always toss one in my purse whenever I’m on the go (to avoid stopping and picking up cookies or other not-the-best-for-you snacks while out and about).

Fiber One bars are great and I’m not dropping them completely, but I adore Larabars! Simple fact, I feel good eating them. All natural; gluten free, sugar free, soy free…pure deliciousness that isn’t chock full of bad stuff.

While I’ve been pleased with all flavors I’ve tried, I must say the Cherry Pie and Coconut Cream Pie are especially tasty.

photos courtesy of Larabar.com


I like lacy things & stuffed peppers

After my much needed personal night in on Saturday (full of manicures and movie watching), I spent Sunday working at the store and indulging in my love of Crema Cafe.

I had heard about a new boutique opening nearby (thank you DailyCandy), Forty Winks and I checked it out after I got out of work that evening. Forty Winks is adorable and chic; a perfect combination of discrete (2nd level location so no Cambridge crazies can stare as you poke through the lacy things) , comfortable (incredibly welcoming ladies), and just plain pretty. I picked up some Hanky Panky classics and a sample of Soak, a gentle liquid soap for your delicates. I will definitely be back again soon.

And then the day finished off with grilled chicken off the barbeque and stuffed peppers (stuffed full with whatever unique combination of ingreidents we could find in the cupboards: rice pilaf, kielbasa, gorgonzola cheese, breadcrumbs…) with the boys and his roommates. Mmmmmm

photo courtesy of Forty Winks

Southern Bridal Style

DailyCandy Weddings has brought me to Carol Hannah (of Project Runway fame) and though I didn’t watch the whole season, I loved her aesthetic and Charleston’s vibe. And when I caught site of her lovely wedding collection, dreams of white silk and ruffles began.

Her designs are simply beautiful, and I can picture many of them suited for non-wedding occasions, in various colors and lengths.