A messy success

Brioche night #2:

My incredibly sticky dough was rolled out, separated into 2 sections and
each filled with fruity goodness (raspberry and peach jams).
I had difficulty in figuring out how to wrap/fold them so I improvised.
They sat for over an hour to rise some more
and since I don’t have a loaf pan,
they were each placed in an aluminum square pan….

…and they grew!
Fruit leaked all over the sides
but the amazing smell of baking bread filled my apartment
and wrapped around me.

The raspberry one was way too messy and folded haphazardly to photo
but the peach one turned out at least decently.

I’ve already tasted tested both varieties and the warm combination of
delicious carbs with sweet fruit was perfect.

I obviously just need to work on my presentation factor.
But making my own bread dough and having it be at least a
tasteful success has inspired me.
And luckily with this recipe, I have another ball of dough in my freezer,
awaiting a near-future baking experiment : )

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