Chips & Gauc...mmmmm

After work I’m treating myself
to a much needed manicure.
90% of the time I do manis/pedis myself,
but sometimes a little luxury is justifiable.
Following this hot pink polish & highly anticipated hand massage,
I’m meeting a dear friend for a good-bye dinner
before she heads off for Med School in Kentucky.
It’ll be bittersweet;
I am so thrilled for her,
but her presence will be missed greatly.

In her honor, we are saying farewell
while indulging in some of our favorite food: Mexican!
I LOVE Mexican food,
the guacamole, salty chips, cheeses and more.
I do not tire of this cuisine.
But how can I indulge
and still stay healthy and not over-do it!?

Pretty little decorations

After a fabulous vacation in Newport,
I’m back to reality,
back to catching up with 84 emails at work
and no time to sleep,
let alone unpack or breathe.

Pictures of beautiful Newport and all the fantastic seafood
that was consumed will follow soon,
but until then,
some pretty little things
that have recently captured my eyes…

some dainty earrings
that I’ve fallen in love with
from a classic…


Beach bound

After an insane day at the office
(more like several insane weeks),
I walked out the door and breathed a sigh of relief;
I’m headed out for a little vacation tomorrow morning.
My college girlfriends and I are bound for Newport, Rhode Island,
for some much needed
beach time, mansion touring,
seafood eating, cocktail drinking,
and endless girl talk and laughter.

Have a fantastic summer weekend
and I’ll be back next week,
hopefully with some beautiful
pictures, souvenirs, and stories.

Sweets for Dinner

Last night, after a fabulous toning and stretching workout,
the boy and I walked around Davis Square
and I got dinner: ice cream from J.P. Licks.
I very delicious dinner indeed,
my cookie flavor frozen yogurt : )

I love ice cream,
especially in the summer,
especially after lazy summer night strolls.
Refreshing, comforting and completely satisfying.
The walk, the night air, and the cookie frozen yogurt
made for a completely lovely night.


Twittering: good, bad or wasteful words?

I’ve been contemplating setting up a Twitter account for my blogging and writing;
is it worth it? Is it helpful?
I have an account myself,
for the purely pathetic stalking of random celebrities,
but observing other blogs gathering readership
from their Tweets has been considering…


Any other suggestions for increasing followers?

This weekend, while working the wedding event at the Natick Mall,
the wedding & event planner I assist,
A copy must be picked up immediately, for my own pleasure and education!
The colors were awe inspiring,
the cakes drool-worthy
and I’m eager to read up on all the tips and advice
given by their “experts,”
as someone who hopes to continue to grow her career
in the wedding/event planning business.

Now, if only I had more weddings to attend,
to observe,
and as excuses to buy some cute cocktail dresses. : )

Craving more yoga

I was sore today, sore from my yoga class yesterday morning.
That good kind of sore,
where I feel like something was actually accomplished.
I’m eager to feel this way more often,
to feel like I was really using my body,
pushing it towards improvement.

photo courtesy of weheartit.com


Downtown Saturday Night

Friday's Sweetness

In typical Friday fashion,
my girlfriends at work and I walked over to Newbury
and treated ourselves to a cupcakes at Sweet.
This week’s pick for me: ‘Red White & You’
(a little belated 4th of July celebration I guess)…
the vanilla cake was soft and moist
as I bit into some scrumptious berry jam inside
and the sugar sprinkles were delicately delicious.
I love Fridays.

Wednesday: rainy, hot day. I made my favorite pasta dish for the boy with tomatoes, asparagus, onions and garlic. Celebratory drinks went late into the night since one of our best friends got accepted into med school.

Thursday: Recovery all morning. Fabulous toning class in the evening, followed by finally able to dig into my magazines due to the completion of The Help, one of the most well written books I’ve ever had the pleasure of thoroughly enjoying. Read it now.

Friday: TGIF. About to crack at work, welcomed this weekend with open arms. Bought several new magazines and picked up the new Essie polish ‘Knockout Pout’ after work. Retail therapy put me in a great mood. Collapsed into bed early.

Saturday: up at 6 am to trek to Natick to work at the Women’s Entertainment TV Wedding Mall Tour with the wedding/event planner I assist and got to meet Ron Ben-Israel, famously, fabulous cake baker. Despite unrelenting heat, ventured into Faneuil Hall for dinner with some friends from high school (delicious salmon BLT…must recreate myself soon!) and some great gelato. Passed out in bed before midnight.

And now it is Sunday and I’m feeling oh -s0-good. I slept more than I have in weeks and took a free yoga class at the Lululemon in Harvard Square, got a delicious chicken salad sandwich at Crema and am now sitting in Tealuxe with refreshing red iced tea, catching up on my emails, my blogging, my finances, and many other misc. things on my to-do list. I wish I had more Sundays like this. I plan on doing some laundry later and giving myself a much needed mani/pedi in preparation for my vacation mid-week with my college girlfriends.

And the sun is shining. No complaints right here, right now.


cute clothes reduce stress

I’ve been having a sort of shitty week.
Still too hectic,
too busy, too many things to do at work,
not enough time in the day.
But tonight, I enjoyed some seaside fashion escapes
as I looked through Daily Candy’s Deals
and dreamt of owning some of these adorable finds.
If only the deals were a bit more delicious…
super comfortable looking lounge wear from Seaton
This is all I want to wear on brisk beach nights

I have mixed feelings about rompers.
I tried one on once
and without high heels I looked quite plump and uncomfortable.
But these below from Yumi Kim pretty much changed my mind.
They are cute, sexy and adorable for hot summer days and nights;
add on some sleek, grown up jewelry
and either strappy sandals or some hot heels.

beachy weekend

I hate being so busy and stressed out. I have no time to breathe as usual.
So tonight, as I sat on my bed
and inhaled the yummy blueberry muffin scented candle burning,
I did things that will make me feel better.
I caught up on emails to dear friends
and began setting up some dinner dates.
I wrote some cards to loved ones.
I organized all my random stuff and tidied up.
I made dinner reservations for our college girls vacation next week
(and thoroughly enjoyed checking out the menus!).
And I uploaded my miscellaneous pictures from the weekend.

After a crazy week back at the office,
Friday night I headed to the beach
with some boys.

It was gorgeous
and just what I needed.
The ocean has that way,
of refreshing your soul
and letting things go,
letting stresses slip away
and bring you into the moment.

I love the smells.

Saturday morning the same boys and I
went into Harvard Square
for some errands.

I indulged in a cheesy breakfast sandwich
and the beauty of Cambridge.

Saturday night was fun shenanigans and on Sunday,
we returned to the beach.
I read and climbed rocks and
I admit;
I even enjoyed the freezing cold ocean water.

Two beach visits
in one weekend;
not too shabby.

Oh and of course,
with my mind ready to explode,
Friday afternoon treated me and an office girlfriend
to cupcakes at Sweet on Newbury.

I must say, the Pina Colada cupcake
did not disappoint.


Too cute

Ellen Pompeo & Stella Luna spotted going to a
Mommy & Me yoga class. Adorable.

photo courtesy of People.com

Random girly celeb pics

Love her dress; little bows. Love her.

I’m not usually a Jessica Alba fan. This dress changed my mind.

Gossip Girl filming in Paris. I. Can’t. Wait.

photos courtesy of People.com


Catch up at work...

…is not fun.
It is stressful.

Vacations & breaks from real life are fabulous
but returning to chaos and getting organized again is a struggle.

This puts me in a bad mood.
Leaves me with no time to write or blog
or breathe or enjoy everyone’s lovely postings
on their own beautiful blogs.


Happy 4th of July

It’s 90 degress outside,
I’ve had corn on the cob, hamburgers and lots of strawberry shortcake.
I went out to get ice cream at night
and have heard fireworks off in the distance.
Smmer 2010 is here.

Home is…
lots of cereal to choose from every morning

my old bedroom which hasn’t changed
since it was painted and decorated when I was in middle school

piles to bring back to Boston; new bikinis, a fedora and sandals

shopping bags from a successful trip with Mom

fresh, ripe tomatoes for tonight’s dinner

one of the cats lounging on our screened-in porch as I type away

my baby girl

adorably, ugly Opie


I had planned on posting while I was home but time got away from me and I chose eating and lounging with my family instead of sitting at my computer. And I felt like I had to check work emails while away so the little time I did spend online wasn’t fun stuff.

The boy & I served up lobster the night we arrived amid my mother and sister’s shrieks. We spent some time with my grandparents and the boy rode my sister’s horse before we headed into downtown Syracuse. We joined the bikers and leather jacket wearing crowd at Dinosaur Barbeque where my Carolina pulled pork sandwich was delicious, as was my crab & avocado soup and tomato & cucumber salad (I tried to be a little healthy among all the fatty & tasty meats!) Strawberry shortcake has been consumed more than once while being home and I’m already craving more.

I drove a car (it’s been months) and got my Wegmans fix as I stocked up on my favorite salad dressings, bulk candy and necessities that can only be found at home. I loaded up at Target with some new bikinis and sun dresses and enjoyed the ease of throwing my purchases in the car as I drove from store to store. Oh, it is great to be out of the city sometimes.

And today, I sat out on our screened-in porch, with a beautiful ceiling fan on full blast and I enjoyed. I painted my nails, I caught up on the wonderful blogs I like to read, I organized my life a bit (which always makes me feel great). And tomorrow I head back to Boston, already the mixed emotions swirling about.

But for tonight, I’ll be enjoying this porch and ceiling fan and my favorite dinner made by my father (tons of veggies-tomatoes, onions galore, asparagus, garlic- and olive oil over whole wheat pasta) and ice cream and my family and the quiet and contentment of home.

My home

My fat cat Henry lounging in the shade of the landscaping