Pinning & Planning

My Mom recently became introduced to, and by introduced I mean has become quite smitten with, Pinterest.

As I’ve helped instruct her on the ins and outs of creating boards, pinning, re-pinning and learning about the ability to completely lose track of time as you scroll down the Pinterest pages, I quickly realized how much I have been missing this site in my life (my productivity may disagree but you can’t win all your battles).

I quickly jumped on the Pinterest wagon in its infancy but over the past few months barely frequented the site, my boards left stagnant, my time online spent reading blogs, articles and Twitter.

Wow, I’ve been missing out.

I forgot how inspiring and motivated you can feel as you browse through the images and ideas. I may even go as far as to say Pinterest has seemed to have improved since my last tenure. 

The boy and I have been in my new apartment since September and while we’ve been 99% moved in for awhile now, its those final details that are driving me nuts. That random box of frames, the blank walls in the dining room, I’ve been racking my brain on how to distribute/store/organize/decorate, how to add some finishing touches on this apartment that I love so much, one that I plan on staying in for at least a couple years. 

And now Pinterest has re-entered my life and along with it, the hope and promise of fresh ideas, DIY-projects to consider, ways to transform my apartment into my home. 

Thank you Mom for reminding me of this gem and with your new passion for pinning, I’m thinking we can put together some pretty fantastic plans. 

Here are some photos that are currently getting me excited and eager to work on my interior design and make our living quarters really feel like ours: 

more of my Pinterest boards & photos can be viewed here


Scandalously Fabulous

Tonight as I watch the SAG Awards, 
I’m immersed in the fashion on the red carpet. 

I am actually interested in who wins what award, 
but the real reason I watch is the pre-show, 
the celebs strutting down that famous carpet, 
wondering who will wear what, 
who will shine, 
who will disappoint.

And while I know in the next couple days, 
there will be many best looks, worst looks posts and coverage 
(I may even indulge), 
I’m aching to pay homage to a certain celeb 
that has been absolutely rocking it lately: 
Kerry Washington. 

Ok, so disclaimer: 
I am an avid 'Scandal' fan. 

But I really believe it’s hard to deny 
that her fashion choices, 
her taste, her look, is beyond ordinary. 
It’s been spot on, pretty darn close to perfection. 

I look forward to seeing what she wears, 
on and off the red carpet, 
in and out of character as Olivia Pope.
And tonight she didn’t disappoint either.

Her style is one I admire, one I aspire to emulate. 
She is classy, sexy, sparkly, chic 
and just so fabulous.

Here are some favorite looks of lately:
This evening at the SAG Awards: regal and classy.

The print on this dress is actually of a horse, which is a style I’m not usually drawn to,
but I LOVE this whole look: dress, hair, makeup. My favorite.

Sheer loveliness. 

Sparkle done absolutely perfectly.

A classic combo: black lace, subtly sexy.

all photos courtesy of Just Jared



I’m hibernating.

For the past few weekends, 
I’ve veered away from most social activities, 
I’ve passed on going-out opportunities, 
in favor of staying home. 

Which is not to say, 
I haven’t been busy on these weekends.

I’ve done laundry, 
I’ve cleaned and tidied my apartment.

I’ve had wonderful meals with the boy 
and we’ve ran errands.

I’ve started into my never-ending pile of magazines, 
we’ve watched movies. 

I started a new workout routine
 and dived into organizational goals I have for myself.

But overall, I’ve been pretty anti-social. 
I’ve chosen my couch over bars and parties. 

And it has been wonderful.

My work weeks tend to be busy, 
tend to be scheduled to the brim. 
And I was started to break, 
to feel like I wasn’t on solid ground any more. 
After the holidays, 
I was worn out.
The new year is for fresh starts, 
and I wanted, 
I needed, 
to make one, 
to really take care of me. 

I don’t currently even have much desire to go out on a Friday night, 
but I know that I will again, 
when there is actually something worthwhile,
 to get dressed up for and head out on the town. 

So until then, 
my weekends are for recovery, 
recovery from my hectic work week, 
recovery from too little sleep, 
from too much stimulation and stress, 
my weekends are for physical, mental and emotional recovery.

With this recovery time, 
I’m hoping my creativity will grow, will renew, 
will inspire me for future projects and new ideas.

So on that note, 
I’m off to make a good dinner, 
and enjoy my favorite tv shows, 
as the boy is out of town tonight
and the remote and DVR is all mine.
And I don’t feel one bit guilty about it, 
because it’s going to be great.

I’ll let you know when I’m ready to come out of my hibernation.
It’s bound to be for something pretty fabulous.

photo courtesy of Glitter Guide’s Pinterest


Life Lately

Life lately is busy, 
my schedule is packed, 
the boy’s schedule is packed,
lots to do at work, 
lots to do at home, 
to get this home to become
 what I believe it has the potential to become.

Lots of writing to be done,
to grow this little blog I own.

Lots of cookies to be baked, 
to send to loved ones.
Lots of meals to be made
to nourish me
and the boy,
during these busy days and cold, winter nights.

Piles of magazines to catch up on, 
television shows waiting to be watched

Lots of dinner dates to be had, 
and with these gatherings, 
I’ve been reminded lately 
of how absolutely wonderful my girlfriends are, 
how vital they are to my existence,
and how blessed I am to have these relationships in my life.

I’ve been reminded lately 
to enjoy the little things, 
the little joys all around me.

Life lately is busy, 
but it is good, 
in fact, 
it’s pretty lovely.


Happy Weekend

photo found here

Just ask

Females have ruled the larger percentage of my interactions 
for most of my life.
I have a sister and between her, myself and my Mom, 
my poor Dad was overruled.

I lived with all women in college,
and while always having male friends, 
my female relationships were the most prevalent. 

And like most female friendships, 
we understand each other, 
we can read each other 
with simply a look, 
an energy, 
a tone of voice.

I know when something is wrong
when something is upsetting my best friend, 
or my Mom,
without a word even being spoken.

But as the boy and I have embarked on cohabiting
the past few months
I’ve learned an important fact:
men aren’t mind readers. 

Through trial and error
I’ve learned that I can’t expect 
all my thoughts and concerns 
to be understood,
just simply by the way I look as I walk in the door
and settle on the couch, 
soaking in my worries and desires.

My Mom lived with me for over 18 years; 
why should I expect someone else to be able to know 
that I’m upset about something trivial 
(nothing to wear) 
or craving something random 
(ice cream), 
when it appears that I’m just in a weird, stubborn mood.

The boy knows me deeper 
than I realize most of the time, 
and he knows when I’m stressed out, 
but not what about, 
if I don’t verbalize it.

As the boy gently reminded me last night, 
expressed out of what I imagine can be very frustrating, 
all that is needed, 
is words.
"Just ask."
"Just tell me all."
"Empty yourself out,
you’ll feel better, 
and I’ll feel better knowing."

Men are many things
but they aren’t mind readers, 
and that’s ok.

And on that note...
I let him know that I’d really like his help 
with changing the lightbulbs in the bathroom this weekend.

iPhoto photo taken while hiking in Newport


Call Me Maybe

You really can’t go wrong 
with an orange cat...
and Kate Moss isn’t too shabby either


My New Drink of Choice

I jumped on the green juice wagon over a month ago, 
and yes, 
I’m hooked. 

I’d heard about the glories of juicing for quite some time
and have even tried one of the  3-day cleanses 
with shipped-to-my-door juices.

But it was a recipe I found on Sous Style
featuring the absolutely radiant Kimberly Snyder
and her signature Glowing Green Smoothie,
that got me to try making one myself.
I loved that you could make enough for 3-4 days, 
and it consisted of common ingredients, 
no odd oils, supplements or other items 
I wouldn’t be able to obtain at my local grocery.

Kimberly swore by her smoothie 
and proclaimed lots of fabulous benefits 
that I yearned for.

So I gave it a go.

And it really is fabulous.

But what I love
is every time I make a batch, 
almost every Sunday evening, 
I edit the recipe, 
making it my own. 

You can personalize the juice so it works in your favor.
After the first try, I added an extra apple 
so I could get used to the green flavor a bit more.
I love lemon, so instead of half a lemon, 
I always use a full one.
I’ve continued to experiment, 
tweaking ingredients and amounts, 
creating my own version.

This past week I mixed kale in with the spinach, 
and while thicker and “greener,”
I like it and love knowing I’m getting so many nutrients right away in the morning. 
I feel healthier, 
and even if it’s more mind over matter, 
I can’t deny that I feel better.

It may be trendy and cliche, 
but I’m on the green juice band wagon, 
and I ain’t getting off anytime soon.

I see a potential future career here....
Liz Greene Juice??

all photos from my iPhone/Instagram


Feeding My Soul All The Way Into 2013

It’s the middle of January, 
so I should probably finally get around to wrapping up my recaps 
of my favorite blogs, 
with one last final segment, 
acknowledging the sites that most inspired me, 
as an individual, 
as a young female,
in 2012. 

These blogs, 
all written by fellow young women, 
are beautiful sources of literary and artistic inspiration, 
that I can easily walk away from reading, 
feeling refreshed
and motivated.

They offer input, 
and beauty, 
and I look forward 
to continuing following their adventures 
in 2013.

Natalie at Thoughts By Natalie & Darling Magazine

Naomi at Love Taza

one of the very first blogs I started reading

And to complete my recaps of the favorite blogs of yesteryear, 
in food
and today’s inspiration, 
I’ll end with a beautiful photograph
by Olivia Rae
who’s blog capturing the glory that is Charleston
makes me more and more excited 
to visit again soon. 

all photos from their respective sites


Lifestyle Blogs Worthy of Adoration

It’s been a week, 
a crazy one to say the least, 
getting back into reality
 and with a wedding tossed into the weekend, 
but I’m back with a shout-out 
and a thank you,
to the lifestyle blogs that I love. 

These fantastically beautiful sites
motivate me in numerous ways, 
with recipes, crafts, 
fresh ideas inspiration and more.

Cupcakes & Cashmere may be an absolute legend among bloggers, 
but Emily and her site has been one of my top favorites for quite some time.

I sincerely look forward to her daily posts, 
especially loving her Five Things on every Friday.

Oh and she makes me feel like I’m not the only cat lady around...

Back before I was really aware of the immense world of blogs, 
I was reading Elle one day 
and came upon a little feature about Miss Taryn Cox

Several years later, I still follow her site religiously and am continuously entertained. 

I may not be a wife, 
but her travel photos, honesty, humor,
recipes, advice, gift ideas, and  
Style Inspiration (and her mutual adoration of Miranda Kerr), 
connect us all. 

While Stripes & Sequins may be a newer addition to my blog roll, 
it has begone to encourage me to dive into an area that I’m a bit tentative of: 
my creativity.

With beautiful posts and detailed information, 
I think I too can make that gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Grace is that young woman that just has the talent at making things look oh so easy, but she’s also relatable...and seriously, who can stay away from stripes and sequins?

all photos from their respective sites


I’m a firm believer 
that the more time you set aside for the little things, 
the more you’ll enjoy 
the best parts of each season. 

- Emily, 

photo courtesy of this post


Be in love with your life, 
every minute of it.

- quote via Instagram

photo via Sterling Style