I’m hibernating.

For the past few weekends, 
I’ve veered away from most social activities, 
I’ve passed on going-out opportunities, 
in favor of staying home. 

Which is not to say, 
I haven’t been busy on these weekends.

I’ve done laundry, 
I’ve cleaned and tidied my apartment.

I’ve had wonderful meals with the boy 
and we’ve ran errands.

I’ve started into my never-ending pile of magazines, 
we’ve watched movies. 

I started a new workout routine
 and dived into organizational goals I have for myself.

But overall, I’ve been pretty anti-social. 
I’ve chosen my couch over bars and parties. 

And it has been wonderful.

My work weeks tend to be busy, 
tend to be scheduled to the brim. 
And I was started to break, 
to feel like I wasn’t on solid ground any more. 
After the holidays, 
I was worn out.
The new year is for fresh starts, 
and I wanted, 
I needed, 
to make one, 
to really take care of me. 

I don’t currently even have much desire to go out on a Friday night, 
but I know that I will again, 
when there is actually something worthwhile,
 to get dressed up for and head out on the town. 

So until then, 
my weekends are for recovery, 
recovery from my hectic work week, 
recovery from too little sleep, 
from too much stimulation and stress, 
my weekends are for physical, mental and emotional recovery.

With this recovery time, 
I’m hoping my creativity will grow, will renew, 
will inspire me for future projects and new ideas.

So on that note, 
I’m off to make a good dinner, 
and enjoy my favorite tv shows, 
as the boy is out of town tonight
and the remote and DVR is all mine.
And I don’t feel one bit guilty about it, 
because it’s going to be great.

I’ll let you know when I’m ready to come out of my hibernation.
It’s bound to be for something pretty fabulous.

photo courtesy of Glitter Guide’s Pinterest

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