Scandalously Fabulous

Tonight as I watch the SAG Awards, 
I’m immersed in the fashion on the red carpet. 

I am actually interested in who wins what award, 
but the real reason I watch is the pre-show, 
the celebs strutting down that famous carpet, 
wondering who will wear what, 
who will shine, 
who will disappoint.

And while I know in the next couple days, 
there will be many best looks, worst looks posts and coverage 
(I may even indulge), 
I’m aching to pay homage to a certain celeb 
that has been absolutely rocking it lately: 
Kerry Washington. 

Ok, so disclaimer: 
I am an avid 'Scandal' fan. 

But I really believe it’s hard to deny 
that her fashion choices, 
her taste, her look, is beyond ordinary. 
It’s been spot on, pretty darn close to perfection. 

I look forward to seeing what she wears, 
on and off the red carpet, 
in and out of character as Olivia Pope.
And tonight she didn’t disappoint either.

Her style is one I admire, one I aspire to emulate. 
She is classy, sexy, sparkly, chic 
and just so fabulous.

Here are some favorite looks of lately:
This evening at the SAG Awards: regal and classy.

The print on this dress is actually of a horse, which is a style I’m not usually drawn to,
but I LOVE this whole look: dress, hair, makeup. My favorite.

Sheer loveliness. 

Sparkle done absolutely perfectly.

A classic combo: black lace, subtly sexy.

all photos courtesy of Just Jared

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