Come Drift With Me

I found this print on Etsy
and I'm obsessed, 
eager to add this perfect little piece
to my own precious, little apartment. 

It's just another reason
why I'm loving this site 
more and more; 
and just another reason 
to log on and see what new treasures 
are discovered. 


Mental Holiday

After a week of unpredicted bumps in the road 
(hello full blown cold! hello flat tire!), 
sometimes it's just easiest to give up trying for a minute, 
let go and stop thinking, 
stop doing. 

So for at least until I'm able to recover a bit this weekend, 
you shall find me with a cup of tea on the couch, 
zoning out. 
Maybe I'll work on making a dent in my pile of magazines, 
maybe I'll watch some of my favorite tv shows 
that have been recorded on my dvr 
for way too long. 

Either way, for now, 
I'm on a mini-mental holiday.

photo via Pinterest 


“As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.”

- Andy Warhol


No Sense

The past several days my mind has been caught up in the recent news story out of Steubenville, Ohio, where two teenage boys were charged in the rape and distribution of a nude photograph of a sixteen year old female acquaintance. 

This story has haunted me, dug inside me, and I haven't been able to let it go. 

I don't fully understand why this story is bothering me so much, more than the other horrific stories we are surrounded with on an all-too often frequency.  I feel fear for these two young men and their futures, wonder at their pure stupidity and for their absolute lack of compassion, humanity and common sense.  

But I think what is bothering me most about this situation, is the lack of understanding, the lack of any sense. I can not understand how these high school boys could have done this, how their friends could have stood around, watching, cheering on, and not say anything. How no one could have stepped up and said something, anything. I fear for the other children and young adults in our country who have the ability to act in the same manner. I desperately want to understand what is behind this cruelty, what makes something like this humorous; I desperately want to make sense of it, so that by knowing the cause, we can identify what needs to be fixed, to prevent something like this from ever happening again. But sadly I think we may never fully understand what is to blame, what led to this, what allowed this to happen.

My heart breaks for this young woman. Whether she was completely sober or insanely drunk, it matters none to me. To contemplate the level of fear she must have faced discovering what happened to her, what was done to her, is sickening.  In a personal situation, by no means even remotely similar in the weight of what occurred in Ohio, I have dealt with waking up in an unknown place, with no memory of the night before. Through the various rounds of medical and police appointments, I was asked questions that would help the professionals search for any potential criminal acts in my case. I will never forget my chest tightening as the level of what could have happened registered within me, and my heart aches for this girl, as she realized that what she feared could have happened to her, actually did, and probably worse. 

And as the verdict was declared in this case, others made news. The rampant rapes in India are beyond horrendous, barbaric. The kidnapping of a mother and daughter in a town near where I grew up; the mother stabbed to death, the 10 year old girl raped. As I read these stories, tears appear. It just doesn't make sense. 

You feel helpless. 

I don't know what should be done. I struggle with this search for understanding. But I can not do nothing. With all the suffering in the world, I've felt overwhelmed with where to even begin to help, to give time and energy. We can't do it all; I can't give to every charity, I can't solve all the worlds problems, but I can give of myself to a cause that matters to me. I can start somewhere.

And so, I've gone back to One Billion Rising and V-Day, an organization working to end violence against women and girls around the world, that jump started their campaign this past Valentine's Day with an amazing world-wide dance off. 

I've begun looking into ways, in any form, that I can contribute, starting with putting my thoughts into written words and sharing these views. 

While my individual actions may not lead to great changes, the abolishment of cruelty, and safety for all, I will still do something, even if that is simply voicing ones opinion, making oneself heard. Because worse than a feeling of helplessness is actual helplessness, of standing by and letting horrors happen without any sort of productive reaction. And while it sounds cliche, just maybe, one person at a time, great changes will occur.

photo via Pinterest


Dreaming of Summer

While spring is poking its head around the corner ever so slightly, 
winter is still standing firm 
for at least a few more weeks here in the Northeast.

And so I've found my mind drifting off with thoughts of summer, 
of packing up boots and hats and gloves, 
and basking in the sun, 
of beach trips and picnics, 
of seashells and s'mores. 

I'm hungry for a holiday of sorts, 
a change of seasons, 
a celebration of warmth, 
and already looking forward
to embracing the upcoming months 
as much as possible 
and all the little joys that come along.


all photos via Tumblr & Pinterest


♥ Like

Like so many others, 
I'm obsessed with Instagram.
I follow friends, family, 
celebrities, bloggers, 
and random Instagrammers that I've stumbled upon that grabbed my attention.

Here is a collection of some recent pics 
that I liked immediately, 
posted by some people 
I've come to love 
to follow. 

Row 1: @paperfashion who's illustrations I adore and transport me,
 @manrepeller who's style makes me smile,
 and @legallylinz who I'm so excited to follow along 
on her upcoming adventure

Row 2: @seaofshoes who's whimsical garden decor has me planning some DIY, @smpweddings with their adorable Easter treats, 
and @sousstyle who always delivers, 
with pics of men, meals, fashion and everything fabulous

Row 3: @waitingonmartha and those insanely, amazing shoes, 
another striking pics from @paperfashion who captured a building
 that I've admired for years from my time spent living down the street, 
and @louboutinworld who's heels excite me 
and who's sparkly flats make me yearn for spring even more


Start Fresh

“Finish each day and be done with it. 

You have done what you could. 

Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; 

forget them as soon as you can. 

Tomorrow is a new day. 

You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered 

with your old nonsense.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

photo via Tumblr


The Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2013 Outtakes

Last year I discovered the glory 
of Vanity Fair’s photo booth pics 
from their annual post-Oscars bash.

I am so, so glad I stumbled upon them again this year.

Here are some of the best:

She makes pregnancy sexy. That dress, that ring.
And he’s just adorable.

I <3 them. 

Funny ladies can be divas too.

J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons showing an actual smile and making glasses cool again.

Best of the night:
Chelsea Handler has her vodka, and her bff Jen Aniston is rocking out with her fiancĂ©. 

photos via Vanity Fair 


Favorite Finds: Astrology, Allison Williams & Advice

Here’s the next installment of my round-up of some of my recent favorite finds that I’ve discovered online, read and am excited to share with others.

My first list can be viewed here

What do you think? What articles have you enjoyed lately? 

1. I’m loving this site more and more; it consistently produces great content and shares beautiful images. Inspired By This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and this spread on Martha Stewart Weddings Editorial Director didn’t disappoint: Inspired by Darcy Miller’s Monochromatic New York Loft

2. I’ve always been curious about astrology and had heard Susan Millers’ name before, but after reading this article, her site will now be a go-to at the first of every month. I find her personally to be very interesting, and while I’m hesitant in my belief, agreeing that astrology may be silly, it is also quite fun: NY Magazine’s article “How Did Susan Miller Become the Go-To Astrologer for the New York Fashion Set?"

3. I’ve only so far consumed Season 1 of Girls and already am a fan. And while Lena Dunham is without a doubt extremely talented (and had an awesome article in Rolling Stone), I have also been drawn to Marni aka Allison Williams. Her style is impeccable on and off screen and this article made me an even bigger fan (these gowns! I die!): Town and Country’s article “Ivy League Siren"

4. Silver Linings Playbook and this Vanity Fair article made me love Jennifer Lawrence. This adorable interview with a young British radio host made me want to be Mila Kunis’s bff. But why does Anne Hathaway rub me the wrong way? I was interested to learn I was not alone in these feelings, and eager to learn more: Vulture’s article “Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lawrence, and the Delicate Formula for Becoming America’s Best Friend"

5. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything I need/want to get done. So I’m always open to articles about balancing work and personal life demands and this one had a couple good tips. I’m liking Women’s Health more and more; subscription time I do believe: Women’s Health article "How to Have a Life Outside of Work” http://pintsofpeonies.blogspot.com/2013/02/favorite-finds-productivity-paper-pinot.html


Sounds Like A Good Plan To Me...

“Get all dressed up, 

do your makeup,

and stay at home.

- Andre Leon Talley, 
on the most decadent thing a person could do

photo & quote via Tumblr


Pinterest Delivers Once Again

Last Friday arrived, with my alarm all set and ready to log on and purchase a ticket to Alt Summit NYC. I learned of Alt Summit awhile back, and eagerly follow their newsletters and site, full of blogging and design advice, class offerings and recaps from past Summits that they’ve hosted. With this upcoming event in NYC, at the Martha Stewart headquarters no less, I was excited to have the opportunity to actually attend myself, network, learn and get inspired. 

And then, due to the lovely nature that is technology, servers failed and tickets sold out, and I was left disappointed and frustrated.

Then...due to fantastic customer service and an email that absolutely made my day, I registered last night and will now be attending the Summit in NYC this June. 

But before I received this fabulous news, I spent a large part of Sunday evening hungry for design and style inspiration, feeling as dreary as this grey March weather. I scrolled through Pinterest, clicking one photo then another and anther, and started to reignite my creativity a little.

And so, in honor of Alt Summit NYC, here are some of the images that captured my attention this past weekend. I plan on doing this more often, spending more time exposing myself to everything that is available, pushing myself to push my own creativity on a daily basis. Whether it be food or fashion, home decor or stationery, flowers or art, there is so much around us waiting to be looked at, beautifully/oddly/in a new way.

A special shout out to the following stylish sources 
that I love exploring
 and can always rely on 
to give me a dose of design inspiration: 

all photos via Pinterest


After a weekend spent with best friends, 
celebrating an engagement for one, 
a birthday for another, 
and the simple fact that after so many years, 
we are still so close, 
despite miles and crazy schedules, 
I am left feeling incredibly blessed, content 
and ready to conquer the week busy ahead.

I ate too many chips, sipped too much champagne, 
we shopped, and didn’t stop talking the whole weekend, 
catching up on news and gossip, work and weddings, food and fashion.

We may live states apart, 
unsure of our next get together.
We may have lots to do in our own individual lives, 
time going faster month after month.
Monday may be just around the corner,
but I feel so lucky knowing these ladies 
are just a phone call away.

photo via Tumblr