Rain, rain go away!

I need new rain boots. My Target-bought boots from 2006 pre-London travels are falling apart. And with the insane amounts of rain we’ve had lately, I want to be fashionably prepared for any further rain storms this spring and summer. I’ve begun researching, as I’d love to keep the price point as low as I can, without sacrificing style or functionality.
Here are some of my ideas so far


what lucky sisters to have such support and faith in each other.
I hope I can pass this sort of thinking and believing onto
my often-stressed -to-the-extreme little sister…
and absorb some of it for myself to use as well.

Pictures taken during lunch last week at the South End Buttery. It was a beyond beautiful day and the South End was full of lunchers, moms with strollers and adorable children, and puppies galore. We sat out and soaked in the fantastic and unique mid-March weather. My veggie sandwich, full of sweet potatoes, sprouts and avocado was scrumptious and their cupcakes were too cute; named after their own dogs. The ‘Harriet,’ a carrot cake confection had the most rich, thick and creamy cream cheese frosting that perfectly balanced their moist, mild, barely-sweet-at-all-cake. It was fork-necessary huge and the perfect treat to the lunch date. As the rain pours down outside my windows, this seems like light years away.

My sin: microwaveable dinners

I’m embarrassed to admit that tonight is the second night in a row that I’ve just tossed my dinner in the microwave and 4 minutes later, ate my meal. I’m not a microwaveable dinner type of girl, though I do like having Amy’s Organic Burritos on hand for a quick go-to, but really only resort to them once every couple of weeks.

So two nights in a row is rare; last night was a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers meal, and tonight was some Birds Eye veggies with pasta in a garlic butter sauce. I’m not proud, but to my credit, both nights I’ve tossed in some extra additional broccoli, green beans and carrots into my heated up containers.

Why have I been sucked into this realm? Pure and simple: I’m really tired. I have no energy.

I miss cooking. I miss the feeling of satisfaction after making myself a home cooked, healthy meal, with leftovers for lunch the next day. I miss having the energetic enthusiasm to do this at night.

What do you do to in these sort of circumstances?

The rain continues to pour down, making it a sad, dreary day, zapping all the energy that I have (which considering my lack of sleep lately, isn’t much). I had planned on watching Lost tonight with my usual company (the boy and his roommates) but the rain and my physical and mental exhaustion put a damper on those plans.

And so I remain on my couch instead.

This isn’t too bad though really; I’ve been craving this form of laziness, of doing purely nothing, of not thinking, all day. I’m going to let myself enjoy it.


The ‘Cosmo’ cupcake: pink vanilla cake with a lime-infused frosting…I wasn’t all that happy with my choice; cake was yummy, frosting was odd. I should have stuck with what I know is good every single time at Crumbs: chocolate covered strawberry.

Things creepy/fabulous finds at Urban Outfitters. Must purchase.

How much is that puppy in the window?

Vegetable spring rolls, fried rice, shrimp & sprouts dumplings…mmmm

The sun shined in NYC

I had a fun weekend in the crazy town of Manhattan. Delicious dim sum left me feeling fully satisfied but not stuffed, and eager to try more new flavors and tastes. We made the wise choice to not go out on the town Friday night and indulge in sleep instead. It was much needed and fabulous.

And Saturday morning the sun shined, despite the chilly temps and after a huge, cheesy bagel delight (I requested my favorite Ithaca Bakery veggie bagel creation at Tal Bagel and while it wasn’t the same, it was still amazing), we walked downtown and shopped, all three of us girls treating ourselves to spring/summer dresses, and then walked back uptown. A weekend in NYC without ever being on the subway is perfect in my book.

And then a crazy night hopping about the Upper East Side left me with few hours of sleep, too much 3 am pizza from some place by the name of Fat Sals, and still feeling way too full at brunch the next morning (aka poking my eggs and ham, just eating a piece of toast and some bites of hash browns.)

But overall, another classic fabulous NYC fun filled weekend. Next time I’m in the city though, I want to do more long dinners and day time adventures and steer away from the nighttime scene which can seem a bit expensive, fattening, overwhelming, and just overdone. I don’t really need to be squished into a crowded bar with rude, greasy guys, who don’t stop “bumping” into you, when there are so many fantastic finds to discover in this amazing city. I can get the bar scene in Boston if desired or any other city really. And the NYC version is just too much sometimes.

I love photo collages and this one, which I found on a favorite blog of mine, Hiking in Stilettos, is just so, so pretty. It leaves me craving sparkles & blooms.

“I say that half your life is spent trying to get out of a small town
and the other half trying to get back to one.” - Kelly Cutrone

Oh so true…


NYC bound

I’m off for the weekend, heading to the Upper East Side of Manhattan;
visiting some fabulous friends and indulging in food, drinks, dancing, and exploring.

Goals for this weekend:
- NYC brunch (always better than Boston)
- a cupcake at a adorable bakery
- some strolling, if not some long distance walking
- delicious cuisine (tonight we’re going to Chinatown Brassiere)
- silliness & lots of laughter
- sleeping in Saturday morning

While reading A Cup of Jo this morning, I stumbled upon the Rifle Paper Co. and have become obsessed with ordering calling cards from here! If only they weren’t so expensive, my order would already be in the mail!

And then I found Postal Press-just as quirky and adorable!

While I have business cards for work, I love the idea of calling cards, with just maybe my name and email. I’ve recently found so many unique, chic designs, it’s just a matter of deciding what one to go with.



I love DailyCandy, and thus, I love Swirl, their online shopping site (complete with daily emails as well of course). I’ve ordered a pair of fantastic 80’s inspired, brightly colored winter boots and their ordering process was simple, easy and awesome.

But when I first took a look at their sale that began today…well, I thought they were a bit off their rocker. But a few moments later, and after some scrolling through their various designs, well, I had a change of heart and am currently wishing for the balls to wear one of these ornate and fun headpieces!

photos courtesy of Swirl

Mmm Meringue

Today’s Martha Stewart Darcy’s Wedding Idea of the Day...meringue cakes! I wasn’t ever aware of meringue cakes before…but I’m astounded by how lovely and airy they look…and can only imagine their fluffy, fantastic taste, flavor and texture!

photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

I adore Dogeared Jewelry; I’ve expressed this before. So when I got a recent email with their latest necklaces, I started thinking about what one I desired/needed the most.

These Chakra necklaces are based on the idea of major energy centers within your body and all these should be balanced to achieve peace but with daily life and stresses, this isn’t always true. These gemstones, either by truly believing or some fabulous marketing methods, are to help you heal and balance your body…either way, I adore these, their concept and their style; simple, dainty, chic.

But like all of the other Dogeared designs, I’m at a loss for what specific piece I like the most!

“Maybe you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be.”

- Carrie Bradshaw

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.”

- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

reblogged from Julia at NonSociety

Adieu Julia

The blog that opened the doors of this online universe is taking a leave of absence and I’d be a liar if I claimed that I didn’t really care. NonSociety, and specifically Julia Allison, has entertained and inspired me for over a year now, after I first learned about their Life Casting from the cover of her Wired Magazine article. And since then, I followed her, and Meghan, Mary, Katrina, and Jordan’s antics regularly. I met Julia when she spoke at MIT last May, where she encouraged me to just write, about anything at all, as long as it was combining letters and words.

I felt like I knew them, and yet of course, I didn’t. I knew their blogging-personas but still, they were friendly online acquaintances and I never got sick of a love poem, a motivational quote, advice doled out on any subject, or simply an adorable picture of Lilly.

And today Julia wrote her most beautiful post yet and I sincerely wish her well and have no doubt in my mind she will succeed on whatever path life takes her.


(photo courtesy of Rachel from Heart of Life)

After last week’s cornmeal lime cookie taste bud experience, I’m eager to try more eclectic sweet treats. And this post from Heart of Light just about doubled that craving.

Personal goal: make my own boulder cake within the next couple weeks.

Ideas for flavors & decor?? Suggestions??

A few weeks ago I commented on how I had loved this dress while shopping with my Mom…and Saturday night a young woman walked by wearing it while I waited outside Hamersley’s Bistro.

Just like when you haven’t seen an old crush in awhile, or hadn’t tasted your mom’s classic brownies in months, the old feelings returned, just as strong, if not stronger.

I need this dress this summer.


Saturday night post-delectable scallops led to a good friend’s party in Central Square and silliness until the wee hours of the night…which led to a lazy, couch lounging day on Sunday that was seeped in the scent of braised lamb shanks cooking for hours courtesy of the boy. Another fulfilling, amazing meal that was some great cuisine inspiration for myself.

I roasted up some beets tonight (not really sure if I did it correctly) and I’ve decided that I may not be a beet loving fanatic, but they’re not that bad at all. Similar to potatoes in consistency, but somewhat scary in color, as the juices ran down my hands while pulling off the skin.

But my salad, topped with these beets, avocado, dried cranberries, and
goat cheese, was unique and full of fun textures and flavors.

But with a couple extra beets in the fridge, I’m at a bit of a lose for any more uses…

South End Eatery Loving Continues

Saturday night I traveled down to my work neighborhood and met up with my aunt and cousin for a late night dinner at Hamersley’s Bistro. Adorable, quaint and charming.

Warm lights created a cozy family-style like mood and since I of course checked out the menu before arriving, I knew what I wanted: pan seared scallops, with ham shavings and golden raisins. It was really good.

And their onion bread…amazing. I must find a recipe to replicate ASAP.


Friday night

Champagne. Brie cheese. Crackers. Grapes. Hummus & pita.
Boston Commons til dusk. Carla Bruni station on Pandora. Girl talk.


SU winning.

Great evening.


New recipe mission

Beet & Goat Cheese Arugula Salad

Here’s the first recipe I would like to make…it has very little actual cooking but it seems delicious, healthy and I’m interested in trying beets for the first time.

I plan on getting all necessary ingredients this weekend…along with some stuff to bake some sweet treats too…cookies?..muffins?..cupcakes? …..

Falling in love with the South End

Last week it was Sibling Rivalry.

Today during lunch, my two girlfriends at work and I ventured into the South End to soak up the amazing sun. We walked to Flour Bakery and as expected, I absolutely loved this unique,whimsical, made-from-fresh-stuff eatery. My homemade hummus, cucumber, onion, and sprouts sandwich was completely satisfying. I branched out and tried their cornmeal and lime cookie…like a sugar cookie but a light citrus glaze. A lovely mid-afternoon treat : )

And come Saturday evening, I’ll be entering this enticing area of the city again, to join my visiting aunt and cousin for dinner at Hamersley’s Bistro. My excitement has already begun growing.

Where should I explore next?


Delightful discoveries along Mass Ave.

Little things that I think make a huge difference; that help make crappy Tuesdays or stressful Wednesdays a whole lot more enjoyable, or at least, tolerable:

- yummy coffee, tea or your beverage of choice on that particular day
(today it was iced tea)
- an outfit that you feel good in and adore
- fresh air
- a nice email, text or card from someone you love
(thank you Mom & my girlfriends)
- having something to look forward to
- crossing things off your to-do list


Ugly food, pretty flower

Corned beef & cabbage

Eating my way thru Harvard Sq.

Cardullos is fabulous; a little gourmet food shop with all sorts of goodie from all over…plus super cheap breakfast sandwiches that aren’t obnoxiously large so you don’t feel too guilty.

Sweet’s blueberry pancake cupcake. I felt like taking a risk when I ordered it (I decided I needed a treat on that rainy Saturday) and I’m so glad I took that leap of faith in ordering something other than one of my favorites (Carrot Cake). IT. WAS. SO SO SO GOOD.


A very rainy weekend

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted (and so much as being going on!) but I hate doing re-cap posts…It feels pressure-filled and mandatory…like homework…so anyways, let’s just get it over with ; )

Last Friday, the boy and I had dinner at Sibling Rivalry, in the South End…it was fancier and more expensive than I had expected…but it was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite and every single sip that evening. We had sultry cabernet (I believe it was the Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast, 2005) and two apps and two entrees. The mini crab cakes, ordered due to my love of anything crab, were petite but moist and yummy. Their Moroccan lamb had a crusty outer shell, with a sweet sauce and small cucumber side salad that we gobbled up…I could have ordered two more and had that as my main dish; it was that good.

We settled on two different entrees so we could sample each others. I thoroughly enjoyed my delectable duck (who knew I love duck!?), with sweet potatoes, onions and a sour cherry sauce, and the boy devoured his lamb chops.

Complete satisfaction. And so nice to spend the time together, catch up with our lives, and enjoy an awesome meal : )

And then the rain returned and it didn’t stop. Literally didn’t stop for days. It put a slight damper on the weekend, with my feelings of dampness and chilled becoming everlasting.

I worked all Saturday at Passport and it was fabulous being back there. It was fun to be in the lovely store, check out the new products and stay huddled indoors as it poured outside, venturing out only for some of my Harvard Square favorites: $1 breakfast sandwiches from Cardullos, of course Crema, and Sweet, where I fell in love with their blueberry pancake cupcake (simply amazing-I don’t even know where to start in the description of flavor). And on the same day, the amazing owner of the boutique had a baby boy. As my Mom always says, there is something so wonderful whenever a baby is born; it’s simply happiness; it’s just plain good stuff. It made me smile for sure.

And that night the boy and I pushed through the nasty elements outside and ventured out for a party where I felt what a small world it is when some girlfriends walked into the same party. Boston is just that small.

And as the rain continued to drench the east coast all day Sunday, we said no to the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade and yes to sweatpants, grocery store visit and cooking an Irish Feast. Or I should say, the boy cooked the corned beef and cabbage feast (eh, I tried it, not much more to say that that) and I made a cheesy artichoke dip that I proclaim is Irish since I used Dubliner cheese. I obviously liked the dip more than the cabbage.

Then the dreaded Monday arrived and I was exhausted and stressed once again. The torrential rain didn’t help matters. But a nice dinner with a dear friend at Trident Cafe on Newbury helped a bit and on Tuesday I made a giant to-do list, adamant on being productive, taking care of things that were piling up in my head. And I did just that. I did it all, all that is, except blog and sleep.

And then this morning I walked to work once again, and during those 2.5 miles my mood changed. I started out on Mass Ave and called home. I vented to my Mom about all my stresses and how frustrated I was once again with everything, and teared up. And then after we hung up, I noticed how absolutely beautiful it was outside finally. The sun shined down on the Charles River and sailboat and rowing teams were out already. There was a glare so strong off the Hancock Building that I needed sunglasses. And I decided ‘no more.’ No more being frustrated, overwhelmed and negative. I’ve felt in a funk for awhile now and I’m plain sick of it. Work and real life isn’t going anyway anytime soon so I might as well learn to deal with it and do what I need to do to find a balance between work, sleep and everything in between. I have a very full, busy life, full of activities, people and things I want to do, and I should enjoy this and not feel stressed and frustrated. Instead of waiting for this funk to leave, I’m taking control of it. I won’t let things pile up too much that it stresses me out, but I’ll try to let some stuff just go. I’m going to eat well and healthy too, because when I do, I love it and it makes such a difference. I want to try cooking something new once a week.

And despite a stressful morning at work, I had a great day and when I got frustrated and pissed off with some assignments, I just focused and did what I had to do to get it done, stayed strong and got through it and when I stepped out of the office, 30 minutes later than usual, I began my walk home and soaked up the last remnants of the sun. It was beautiful as usual as I hurried across the bridge back into Cambridge, in time to make my hilarious Zumba class.

And now I’m pretty much caught up with my re-cap.

And lastly, one request: please sun, don’t leave. You make such a difference in everything and for everyone. Boston seems to have doubled in size within a week with all the people out and about!

And tomorrow’s Thursday, and that’s just great.


What are leeks!? With what else can I cook them in??
Mid-process, parmesan rind cooking away with the vegetables