Saturday night post-delectable scallops led to a good friend’s party in Central Square and silliness until the wee hours of the night…which led to a lazy, couch lounging day on Sunday that was seeped in the scent of braised lamb shanks cooking for hours courtesy of the boy. Another fulfilling, amazing meal that was some great cuisine inspiration for myself.

I roasted up some beets tonight (not really sure if I did it correctly) and I’ve decided that I may not be a beet loving fanatic, but they’re not that bad at all. Similar to potatoes in consistency, but somewhat scary in color, as the juices ran down my hands while pulling off the skin.

But my salad, topped with these beets, avocado, dried cranberries, and
goat cheese, was unique and full of fun textures and flavors.

But with a couple extra beets in the fridge, I’m at a bit of a lose for any more uses…

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