San Diego & Sweet Potatoes

Birthday drinks at the Zoo!

Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been at 6 airports and been across the country and back.
The boy and I traveled to San Diego for a conference he was presenting at and enjoyed a much needed vacation together. I do not remember the last time I felt that relaxed; it was wonderful.

We explored downtown San Diego, the Gaslamp district, and Seaport Village. We celebrated the boy’s birthday at the San Diego Zoo. We walked all over Pacific and Mission Beaches on an overcast day and indulged in numerous margaritas and chips and salsa. I soaked up the Pacific Ocean’s breezes and felt so simply happy.

And then I returned to Boston for 3 intense workaholic days at the office before flying home at 6 am on Thanksgiving. My time at home was filled with endless food comas, including 2 Thanksgiving feasts, where I thoroughly enjoyed my Dad’s sweet potatoes and more carbs that I should ever consume at one sitting. I also came the conclusion that I absolutely adore orange foods: squash, sweet potatoes, breads & stuffing, carrots, and Mom’s macaroni and cheese.

Time with my family was fantastic, filled with catching up on silly stories, and non-stop laughter. I baked birthday cupcakes for my Dad, stopped by Target, cuddled with my furry babies and slept more than I have in months.

Tomorrow I return once again to Boston, filled with bittersweet emotions. But the next several weeks are activity-packed, and the holidays are in full throttle. I’m excited to enter my Christmas cookie agenda and enjoy this season as fully as possible. I even have some new ideas for my blog. Things look not-too-shabby.


M Z Wallace for the budgetista

M Z Wallace was my inspiration
for a new handbag purchase this weekend.

Thank you to the Gap-
no one needs to know my bag is a 10th
of the real designer’s price  : )


Fun days ahead

A huge wave of relief has taken over me in the past 48 hours. My big work event, that I’ve planned for months, went well Thursday and Friday. I’m very happy with the outcome and receiving all the ‘thank you’s’ from the attendees made me feel wonderful.

In the process of all the work stress, Halloween, my birthday weekend, and just overall craziness, I fell apart by Friday night, physically and mentally. I’m exhausted and it’s catching up with me.

But then the relief took over, and I reminded myself what is ahead for me for the next couple weeks; a trip to San Diego this week with the boy, home for Thanksgiving next week, the holiday season, a bachelorette party for a fabulous friend and former roommate, a Christmas trip to NYC, and time to organize, get better settled, and sort out job stuff.

And so today, I took advantage of an actual day free of set plans and was incredibly productive. Laundry was done, thank you notes wrote and sealed, errands ran, and apartment cleaned. I treated myself to a pedicure at Mini Luxe (courtesy of a gift card from my girlfriends) and my polish choice (essie’s ‘Need a Vacation’) was perfection. It was a really nice day.

As I walked home from Newbury Street, the brisk fall air was refreshing. The leaves crunched all around and I felt excited about the next few weeks and hopeful about this week, the next, and beyond.


Crossing my fingers for Tory

Tory Burch’s Holiday Wish List
arrived in my email Inbox today.
I looked.

I fell in love with several pieces.

But not their prices.

Last summer I purchased a pair of Tory Burch
black ballet flats at Second Time Around
on Charles Street for $40.
I’m crossing my fingers
for a second bout of designer luck.


What to read first!?

For my birthday,
the boy got me a

I’m excited to explore this new gadget of mine
and dive into more reading,
especially as the days get colder and
I crave cozy nights underneath
the covers of both blankets and books.


I'm a quarter of a century old

This past weekend was a whirlwind of sweets & treats,
cocktails and bottles of vino,
lots of cheese and pasta and snacks galore,
belly laughs that brought on tears,
music that was sung along to entirely off-key,
and dance moves that we thought were hot
but were most likely ridiculous.

This past weekend my favorite people came together
for my 25th birthday and
I’m still recovering from all the indulging
and going through withdrawals
from all the love and laughter.

I’m a very lucky girl,
and approach my 25th year
with eager hope and excitement  : )


birthday weekend

My birthday isn’t until Monday,
but my girlfriends are all arriving in Boston tonight
for a weekend of fun.

I love birthdays
and I adore my friends
and after the past couple crazy months,
I’m so excited to spend
a fantastic weekend together.

Happy Friday all!

photo courtesy of we heart it


what color to chose!?

essie’s new winter collection is out.

I love them all.

The rich reds and purples are amazing.

I’m going to get a manicure later in prep for the fun weekend ahead.

What color to choose??

Or will i just resort to a classic hot pink that I adore so much!?


Corduroy, I love thee

I purchased a pair of ‘cobblestone’ colored
bootcut corduroys from J. Crew last week.
It is one of my best purchases in a long time.

They are amazing.
Their fit.
Their feel.
Comfort. Style. Chic.

I’m in love and I want more.


Mmmm Chili

I am full. stuffed.
I ate and drank a lot this Halloween weekend.

Immediately after work on Friday was happy hour fun
that lasted several hours past the happy one
and went into the night,
and ended with lots of pizza.

Lazy Saturday quickly caught up with us all
and we scrambled to get our costumes together
and venture into the city for pub crawl festivities,
a food break in Quincy Market
and a friends Halloween/birthday party
(more delicious drinks) and then back to the boy’s place
for more celebrations.
And as per usual,
the night ended with too many pizza slices.

So to say the least,
Sunday I felt full and gross.
But we stuck with our plans
and enjoyed some homemade chili and corn bread
after our overall successful Halloween weekend.

But today, I am still full.
So as I prep for the weekend ahead,
already bursting with visitors and birthday plans,
I vow to detox and recharge,
both my body and mind.

photo courtesy of martha because our chili didn’t look as pretty