The new addition to my family


"Spend less time in the mirror and more time feeling wonderful.”

- Frederic Fekkai

photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide Tumblr


Winter Wonderland Wishes

As I pull out my holiday decorations
 that I’ve gathered over the years, 
I’m eager to set up the tree, 
hang the lights
 and scatter the snowflakes.  

I find myself browsing magazines and websites
 for inspiration and ideas
 and without realizing it, 
have discovered a common theme, 
a common aesthetic,
 in the images that I’m drawn to.

Here are some looks
that I wish to recreate the most...

all photos courtesy of Pinterest, 
from boards designed by Terrain, Anthropologie & Dallas Shaw



This Thanksgiving, as my family and I gather together in an old townhouse in Vermont, escaping from standard craziness and activity, we build a fire and watch football and silly TV.

We are taking a couple days to be simply together, as the opportunities to do so are becoming less and less frequent.

We enjoyed a turkey feast when the sun was still out and now we sit with blankets, reading, rooting for our teams, and prepping for some late night hot chocolate.

It's been a lovely, lazy Thanksgiving, reminding me what I'm most thankful for: my family, friends, laughter, warmth and the little things that make me smile, like a good cup of coffee and some sharp Vermont cheese.

Happy Thanksgiving to all xo


Bring on the Joy

I can feel it in the air. 
I can smell it in the stores. 
I can sense it surrounding me.
Holiday season is creeping in, quickly.

As I stood in line the other day at Starbucks, 
I was struck by the Christmas trees, the seasonal gift cards, the holiday mugs.  
Here it was, ready for me to absorb. 

Christmas seemed to jump up on us all this year, 
it was on speed dial, not even allowing Thanksgiving, 
barely Halloween, 
to have their moment in the sun. 
I find myself humming Christmas tunes 
and thinking that the streets look odd without snow 
clinging to the green and red wreaths 
that are already attached to the lamp posts. 

But unlike last year, where the holidays were met with dread 
and disgust for the work that came with it, 
the work that controlled my holidays to the point of joy-depletion, 
this year I am smiling as Christmas sits and waits for me at my doorstep. 
I'm opening the door and welcoming St. Nick in, 
bright and early. 
I'm making my lists and setting up shop at my kitchen table, 
stationary, pens and glitter tape in hand. 
I'm pulling out the cookie cutters, the flour and sugar and sprinkles. 
I'm thinking that it's time to give my standard music stations a rest 
and switch to some classic Christmas carols. 

So as I light my spruce candle 
and flag pages in the latest Martha Stewart Living, 
I'm ready and excited for the next several weeks. 

I feel joy. 


"I put a high priority on staying happy.”

- Taylor Swift
GlamourNovember 2012


Happy Weekend

This past weekend the boy and I road tripped 
back to my alma mater in upstate New York 
for their annual football rivalry show down, 
meeting up with my best friends and college roommates 
and their respective boys, 
for a weekend of pure collegiate indulgences. 

I rang in my 27th birthday 
among crunchy fall leaves, 
cookie cakes and cocktails, 
tailgating and laughter 
and some of my absolute favorite people.

It was fantastic. 

More photos can be found via my Instagram account


Birthday Bread & Wine

“There is communion 
of more than our bodies 
when bread is broken 
and wine drunk.” 
M.F.K. Fisher

Last night, the boy prepared me 
a delicious meal of mussels 
with comforting tomato and garlic broth,
that enveloped me 
as I dunked rosemary bread into the goodness,
and sipped some delicate wine, 
toasting to my birthday and fun time ahead.

Happy Friday-have a beautiful weekend :)

photo courtesy of my iPhone


Tree Stump Ottomans & Teal Chairs

While I've always loved feminine styles, celebrations and parties, my time working with some wedding planners fueled that interest and fed it more and more.  Getting lost in beautiful magazines and blogs for hours (with some tea and cookies) is my version of a dream day.  It's exciting to find new inspiring images and ideas, as I discover more about my own personal aesthetic.

I had first learned of Tara GuĂ©rard through The Everygirl, who's profile pieces I adore.  When the world was informed of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's wedding, I wasn't surprised that Tara was their planner; her taste  matches the personality and style that Blake radiates. 

And then just this week we saw a glimpse into Tara's personal life with images of her own home on Inspired By This and it just reinforces my appreciation, adoration and respect I have for this lovely lady. 
I often stumble over the best combination of words I can use to describe my own developing style and the phrase referring to Tara’s own style as "the perfect mix of modern elegance and rustic charm” is so on key. 

Here are some beautiful, inspiring photos of Tara's home that I especially fell for:

all photos courtesy of Inspired By This - thank you :)


Let Freedom Ring

"Let us not seek the Republican answer 
or the Democratic answer, 
but the right answer. 

Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. 
Let us accept our own responsibility 
for the future." 

- President John F. Kennedy

photo courtesy of my iPhone/ Boston Commons May 2012


Monday Motivation

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words...

Here are some images that provided me
with some motivation, 
in every random realm,
from food to fashion,
 in today’s crisp autumn air...

photos courtesy of Glitter Guide Tumblr & Pinterest