Tree Stump Ottomans & Teal Chairs

While I've always loved feminine styles, celebrations and parties, my time working with some wedding planners fueled that interest and fed it more and more.  Getting lost in beautiful magazines and blogs for hours (with some tea and cookies) is my version of a dream day.  It's exciting to find new inspiring images and ideas, as I discover more about my own personal aesthetic.

I had first learned of Tara GuĂ©rard through The Everygirl, who's profile pieces I adore.  When the world was informed of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold's wedding, I wasn't surprised that Tara was their planner; her taste  matches the personality and style that Blake radiates. 

And then just this week we saw a glimpse into Tara's personal life with images of her own home on Inspired By This and it just reinforces my appreciation, adoration and respect I have for this lovely lady. 
I often stumble over the best combination of words I can use to describe my own developing style and the phrase referring to Tara’s own style as "the perfect mix of modern elegance and rustic charm” is so on key. 

Here are some beautiful, inspiring photos of Tara's home that I especially fell for:

all photos courtesy of Inspired By This - thank you :)

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