Just because

My heart is already racing.

Can not wait to see this, 
in all its Baz Luhrmann, 
Leo & Lana,
Jay Z & Beyonce, 
flowing champagne glory.



Podcasts save me from driving off the road on my daily commute into the city. 

Since discovering Joy the Baker's podcast last summer, I have listened to all of the past episodes and look forward to downloading a new one each week. 
But there are 5 days in my work week and so there are 5 days in which I curse the traffic gods and go numb from listening to the same few songs over and over and over.

So I decided to give another show in the Homefries Podcast family a try (I've already listened to all of the We're About To Be Friends episodes)....and so that is how I found myself, a 27 year old young professional who thinks about bikinis and bellinis not babies, listening to The Simple Mom podcast the other morning.

And guess what? I'm quickly getting addicted. 

Sure, I don't really connect with a portion of the conversations, but there is plenty that I do connect with, children at home or not (do cats count?) Organizing my time and my home? Healthy cooking ideas? Finding time to relax? Bring on the advice.

And so, I've started downloading past episodes to fill my morning hours and today, when listening to the first episode of The Simple Mom, led by a lovely lady by the name of Tsh, she discussed the question "What is essential?" and the habit of asking yourself this when deciding what to do, or how to proceed. Not in some larger context of what is essential to your life and long term, but more so, what is essential now, today, at this moment. Sometimes it is cooking a healthy dinner for your family, sometimes that may be going for a run for yourself, sometimes it is just paying the bills right then and now. 

And sometimes it is dropping everything and collapsing on the couch with the remote and watching ridiculously silly, mind-numbing television.

I like this theory, I like this question.

And so, for right now, tonight at 11:15 pm, what is essential for me, is to finally close this computer after a long day of staring at the screen, and taking some deep breaths as I let this day slip on by, slide into bed to read one of my magazines. 

I'll keep you posted on my new mom-focused material in the mornings. Who knows what this never-a-nanny individual might learn.

Mid-Week Motivation

Because at the end of a rainy, cold, just plain yucky Tuesday, 
I need to get out of this quickly approaching rut I sense 
and so I call on Pinterest...
and because we all could use a little inspiration 
to tackle the rest of the week, 
whether it be with sundaes and streamers 
or sugar cookies and organized shelves.

all photos via Pinterest


This past week has been extremely overwhelming, both personally and as a Bostonian, knocking me off balance. The events that occurred in Boston are utterly shocking, and since last Monday evening, I have felt a deep sadness, and a loss for words. 

I find it difficult to describe the variety of emotions I've felt with recent personal events, as I work on accepting the changes that occur due to an ailing family member, knowing that it will take time for me to fully process it all. And with the horrendous events here in the city that I've come to love, it's been quite a week, leaving me with few words.

But in these sad days, I'm forcing myself to hold onto hope that there is more good than bad in our world despite what is surrounding us.  The strength, support, outreach and pure love that has emerged from my community, from this city, from around the country and from around the world, is amazing and gives me that hope I need to keep going. With the  tragedies and worries that the events of the past week bring about, the least we can do, is take this as a reminder to hug those near and dear, and smile at strangers that we pass. While I find it hard to put into words the thoughts and feelings I've experienced, and continue to ponder, struggling to make sense of everything, after this week, I can be sure about the immense love I have for this city that I've come to call my home, and stand proudly by it as we learn to move forward. 

photo courtesy of Daily Candy 


Favorite Finds: Desserts & DVF, Smoothies & Sprinkles

Here’s my latest round-up of some of my recent favorite finds that I’ve discovered online, read and am excited to share with others.

My first two lists can be viewed here and here

What articles have you enjoyed lately? 

1. Why is this so wonderful? Simply because sprinkles are just really, really fun. I think they should be a component of practically every baking project. And I will probably click on any link that tempts me with their fabulousness and this slide show is perfection: The Daily Meal's Gorgeous Guide  to Sprinkles 

2. Because Diane Von Furstenberg is a god among women. What comes from her mouth, I believe. She know's her stuff and any advice she has to give, I'll be there with open arms: NY Mag's Dear Diane Von Furstenberg's Answers Your Questions

3. There are only 24 hours in the day and the time we have is precious, so I believe using this time in the most efficient, productive, positive way is key. And sometimes that means simply zoning out and letting your thoughts take you where they may: Fast Company's article "7 Ways To Get More Time To Think Today" 

4. I love juices and smoothies. They have become a standard in my daily diet. Starting the day with a burst of fruits and vegetables guarantees I get some essentials no matter what the rest of the day brings (hello chips, salsa & margaritas!). While I have a couple go-to recipes I follow when creating my conconctions, I love hearing of new ideas and combinations. Including pineapple in this recipe makes me especially excited: Thoughts by Natalie's Tropical Green Smoothie 

5. And like I mentioned...it's good for me to have a green smoothie in the morning because I never know what I'll be enjoying later in the day...like putting together this individually-sized chocolate chip cookie in a cup. It takes five minutes to make. In the microwave. Thank goodness I had that super veggie smoothie earlier: No. 2 Pencil's Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

6. I started with sprinkles, and I'll end with sprinkles. Style Me Pretty is the classic wedding site but with their new Style Me Pretty Living section, I'm finding more and more ideas to implement into my own lifestyle. This party is inspired by a rainbow sprinkle covered cake. Sprinkles are fun, fabulous and this party shows how fantastically beautiful they can be as well.  All I need is an occasion to give this a try: Style Me Pretty Living's A Sprinkles Party


Craving Beignets

With the boyfriend returning from a weekend in New Orleans 
and a dear friend of mine Instagramming photos 
from her past several days spent in Charleston, 
you could easily say that I'm feeling quite a strong sense of 
Southern jealousy these days.

Something about the South enchants me, 
it always has.
I adore Charleston and Savannah, 
having visited each city a few years ago, 
but it's been awhile since I've had some shrimp and grits, 
sat under some Spanish moss
and soaked up the Southern charm that is so unique and special to the region.

I'm hungry for the colors, the architecture, the cuisine; 
I'm eager to give in to my growing wanderlust
and take a little holiday. 

I'm thinking it might be time to turn this little dream trip 
into a little reality in the coming months...

photo courtesy Pinterest 


"As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea 
and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, 
and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell 
and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, 
I lost the empty feeling 
and began to be happy 
and to make plans."

- Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

photo taken in Rockport, MA, Summer 2011


Taking Control

Never one to say no to a fresh start, 
I'm excited to begin tomorrow, 
with a new outlook on my schedule 
and my sanity.

After weeks of dinner dates, get togethers and a calendar filled to the brim, 
I've decided that I will no longer allow myself to fill up everyday without a break.
No more excuses.

While most of my appointments and dinners have been for fun, 
a side effect of an overly blooming social life, 
other side effects have taken over, 
including exhaustion, anxiety, and frustration
at the lack of time and energy available to devote to those things 
that we all say we want to do, 
that we desire to do, 
but that rarely ever occur. 

I've absolutely loved spending time with those dear to me over the recent weeks;
it's been a gift considering my absolute lack of time 
in past years.
But I know that overall, 
our time together in the future will be enriched 
if, as individuals, we feel our best, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And so, going forward, 
I'm only allowing two or three days a week to be scheduled. 
I will consider my work schedule and let that determine 
if I have time to add in any "fun extras."

And on the days I block off for myself, for life, for my sanity, 
I will actually be able to focus on the things
I so desperately want to ingrain into my life.
I'm making exercise a priority, 
I'm going to try out some of those recipes 
from that pile of cookbooks
and the collection of prints-outs I've gathered.

I'm excited to finally catch up with my beloved stack of magazines, 
to focus more on my writing ideas, 
to read a book. 

And I'm going to sleep.
And breathe. 
And enjoy more deeply.

Simply making a choice 
to manage my days and nights in this way, 
is empowering. 
I'm taking control.
It feels great.

I have a kale, banana, peanut butter and honey smoothie awaiting me in the morning, 
and a delicious salad packed up ready for lunch.  
I'm sipping some wine and getting ready to soak up some Mad Men 
to round out my productive weekend. 

Good things are happening. 


You are not weak
just because your heart feels so heavy.

- Andrea Gibson 

photo via Tumblr