Favorite Finds: Desserts & DVF, Smoothies & Sprinkles

Here’s my latest round-up of some of my recent favorite finds that I’ve discovered online, read and am excited to share with others.

My first two lists can be viewed here and here

What articles have you enjoyed lately? 

1. Why is this so wonderful? Simply because sprinkles are just really, really fun. I think they should be a component of practically every baking project. And I will probably click on any link that tempts me with their fabulousness and this slide show is perfection: The Daily Meal's Gorgeous Guide  to Sprinkles 

2. Because Diane Von Furstenberg is a god among women. What comes from her mouth, I believe. She know's her stuff and any advice she has to give, I'll be there with open arms: NY Mag's Dear Diane Von Furstenberg's Answers Your Questions

3. There are only 24 hours in the day and the time we have is precious, so I believe using this time in the most efficient, productive, positive way is key. And sometimes that means simply zoning out and letting your thoughts take you where they may: Fast Company's article "7 Ways To Get More Time To Think Today" 

4. I love juices and smoothies. They have become a standard in my daily diet. Starting the day with a burst of fruits and vegetables guarantees I get some essentials no matter what the rest of the day brings (hello chips, salsa & margaritas!). While I have a couple go-to recipes I follow when creating my conconctions, I love hearing of new ideas and combinations. Including pineapple in this recipe makes me especially excited: Thoughts by Natalie's Tropical Green Smoothie 

5. And like I mentioned...it's good for me to have a green smoothie in the morning because I never know what I'll be enjoying later in the day...like putting together this individually-sized chocolate chip cookie in a cup. It takes five minutes to make. In the microwave. Thank goodness I had that super veggie smoothie earlier: No. 2 Pencil's Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

6. I started with sprinkles, and I'll end with sprinkles. Style Me Pretty is the classic wedding site but with their new Style Me Pretty Living section, I'm finding more and more ideas to implement into my own lifestyle. This party is inspired by a rainbow sprinkle covered cake. Sprinkles are fun, fabulous and this party shows how fantastically beautiful they can be as well.  All I need is an occasion to give this a try: Style Me Pretty Living's A Sprinkles Party

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