Craving Beignets

With the boyfriend returning from a weekend in New Orleans 
and a dear friend of mine Instagramming photos 
from her past several days spent in Charleston, 
you could easily say that I'm feeling quite a strong sense of 
Southern jealousy these days.

Something about the South enchants me, 
it always has.
I adore Charleston and Savannah, 
having visited each city a few years ago, 
but it's been awhile since I've had some shrimp and grits, 
sat under some Spanish moss
and soaked up the Southern charm that is so unique and special to the region.

I'm hungry for the colors, the architecture, the cuisine; 
I'm eager to give in to my growing wanderlust
and take a little holiday. 

I'm thinking it might be time to turn this little dream trip 
into a little reality in the coming months...

photo courtesy Pinterest 

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