And the winner is...

Like many other women, 
the most entertaining and anticipated part of award shows for me is the red carpet
 and the styles that the stars choose to wear. 
While I wish I was more blown away by both the looks and the Oscar show itself, 
there were definitely some fashion winners 
(and lackluster losers) 
from last night’s Academy Awards. 
Special shout outs to Charlize, Kerry and Naomi, 
three looks that I absoultely loved.

While everyone can’t be the absolute best dressed of the night, 
homage still needs to be paid to those who didn’t disappoint, 
those who strutted stylishly down the carpet
rocking new shapes, bright, fun colors
or the perfect amount of ruffle.

But Oscar wasn’t the only one sporting shining starlets; 
the after parties were where some really sparkled, 
where Jennifer and Amanda wore much better looks than earlier in the evening,
and ladies like Amy and Miranda absolutely shined.
I would have loved to see some more of this on the red carpet,
more risks, glamour, and subtle sexiness.

Who were your fashion favorites?

photos via People.com & E Online


Favorite Finds: Productivity, Paper & Pinot

A lot of various articles and websites grab my attention as I spend so much time online all day, for work and play. I often save these to read later at night when I have some free time or end up emailing myself links to read eventually, as I sometimes can’t find time to read longer length articles in the middle of my busy work weeks. 

While some articles are simply read, acknowledged and I move on, there are others that I thoroughly enjoy, that I’m eager to discuss, that I'd love to share with others.

And since I also love classic lists, here is a collection of some of my recent favorite finds that I’ve discovered and read lately:

1. Continuing with my belief in being more efficient with your time instead of just putting in the hours for hours sake: New York Times article “Relax! You’ll Be More Productive"

2. Motivation to not give up: The Power of Persistence from The Now Stylebook

3. After reading this piece on Jennifer Lawrence, I was even more excited for her Oscar win last night: Vanity Fair’s February 2013 cover story

4. Because anytime we take the characters out of Downton and into modern age, I’m amused: Downton Abbey Alive on Facebook 

5. One of my favorite weddings sites branching out into home style and including my favorite stationer:  Style Me Pretty at Home with Stationery from Cheree Berry Paper

6. Stumbled upon a gem of a site, immediately adding it to my Daily Reads: Note to Self

7. I heart cupcakes, I heart wine, and I heart Cupcake Vineyards, mostly due to their cute label designs. Doesn’t hurt to brush up on some vino basics either: Wine Education & Tasting 101 on The Everygirl


Think Happy Thoughts

"If you have good thoughts 
they will shine out of your face like sunbeams 
and you will always look lovely.”

- Roald Dahl

photo courtesy of Tumblr


Pastel Polishes & Springtime Sprinkles

I’m ready for spring. 
I’m over the cold and 
craving ballet flats instead of boots. 

And so, as I shiver in my sweaters, 
I’ve found myself drawn to bright, refreshing photos 
as I browse my favorite magazines and blogs lately, 
and as I caught up on a couple of weeks of 
I was captured and transported to springtime 
and fresh produce, blue skies, 
pretty treats and pastel fingertips that come along with it. 

What are you most looking forward to for spring?

all photos courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere


I Love Love

While it’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day, I don’t however demand huge, dramatic gestures on the 14th of February every year. I much more prefer taking the opportunity to simply enjoy the special people in your life on this special day, making sure they know how much they are loved and cared for. Whether that mean a card, a call or a little box of chocolates, communicating your love is what I adore on February 14th, the one day a year who’s purpose to purely to spread and share love.

And this year, didn’t disappoint. 

I had heard people mention “love languages” and liked the theory that we each show our love for others in our own ways, via our own languages. Tom and I have routinely joked about how much I love cards and how he couldn’t care less for them. But I crave the written word, the descriptions of feelings. He however, when asked how he loves, believes in actions, in providing, especially in the act of preparing meals, when I’m usually too lazy and could easily just rely on scrambled eggs. 

And so this Valentine’s Day was especially fitting for us. Without consciously realizing it, we gave each other what the other appreciates most, we spoke the right language to one another, showing our love in the best way for each individual.

I prepared and cooked a full dinner that evening, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and rounded out the meal with a classic cheesecake, one of the few desserts he actually loves.

And he gave me a beautiful card that captured his thoughts and feelings perfectly. I have recently been admiring succulents and other terrarian plants and my guy gave me a trio to start a little collection.

And as we sat and enjoyed our leisurely dinner, I soaked up the calm, the peace that evening, before we flashed back to reality and work and demands and cleaning up.

It wasn’t until I heard a comment a day later about love languages and I thought back to our dinner, that I realized how strongly we represent that theory. And how well we are learning each other’s language over time. 

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day xoxo

photo via my Instagram


Ginger Ale & Downton Abbey

Since departing for NYC last Thursday evening, 
I have gone through a complete sickness lifecycle. 
I woke Friday morning with the beginning of the flu 
and it proceeded to worsen during my stay in the city. 
With a blizzard hitting the northeast, making me unable to travel back home earlier, 
our weekend went a little different than planned, 
and I camped out on my girlfriend’s couch, 
as we immersed ourselves in tv, 
lots of (non-alcoholic) fluids, 
and lots more girl talk. 

I returned home Sunday night, 
stomach feeling better but sore throat and cough just getting started 
and not until today, 
a week later, can I say that I finally feel well. 

I don’t know if I had the official flu, 
but I also don’t know the last time I felt this sick, 
this sort of exhaustion, these body aches, and so, 
next year, I’m getting the shot. 

But last weekend in NYC wasn’t a total fail. 
In the midst of feeling like complete crap, 
and being away from the comfort of your own home, 
I was reminded of the amazing friends I have. 
They surrounded me with reassurance, love, care 
and lots of sherbet and ginger ale. 

If I couldn’t be at home, they were the next best thing. 

And so this week, I continued to rest. 
To recuperate. 
And then finally was able to taste flavors again, 
with the boys latest creation: 
buttermilk biscuits stuffed with barbecue pulled pork.

I snuggled with my cat 
and soaked up some reading 
and Downton Abbey catch-up.
I returned to work mid-week 
and caught up and got organized. 
It’s back to reality, 
back to to-do lists, 
to errands, to exercise.

Waking up this morning and finally feeling well, 
felt so, so good. 

photo via Tumblr


Dancing in the...Snow?

I’m off to NYC this evening, 
for one of my classic girls weekends
with some of my absolute favorite people.

A snowstorm is also headed our way
and if we get stranded in their Manhattan apartment, 
unable to leave all weekend, 
stocked up on tv shows, great music, 
wine, pasta and cookies....
Well, that should likes perfection. 

But putting on some boots, scarves, gloves and hats, 
and venturing out in the blizzard 
to dance and and start a snowball fight...
Well, I wouldn’t put that past us either. 

I’ve been hibernating for awhile now,
but I knew that once I finally emerged,
it would be for something fabulous.

photo via Pinterest


Bring on the Hearts

I consider myself a very easy person to shop for.
I love a lot of pretty things and cozy comforts.
Head into any one of my favorite stores, 
or browse through any of my favorite online shops, 
pick something out, 
and there is a 99% chance I’ll love it.

I’m also one of the rare people that absolutely love Valentine’s Day.
It seems most people these days are anti-February 14th, 
filling the day with sarcasm, resentment, and eye-rolling. 
My love for this holiday has nothing to do with being in a relationship though, 
as many base their plans solely on that aspect. 
Case in point:
I’m in the middle of baking and crafting together treats for my girlfriends.

Since I was young, my parents have filled Valentine’s Day 
with sweet surprises and cards, and I have grown up loving 
the brownies my Mom shared with us and the sweet cards from my Dad. 
I remember fondly the year he bought a pack of children’s Valentine’s cards, 
filled out over 20 of them and hid them around the house 
for my sister and I to discover throughout our morning.

I love sweets and champagne, cards and carbs, little gifts and goodies on Valentine’s Day and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. 

And on that note, 
here are some gift ideas for the ladies in your life on this lovely day:

Kate Spade’s collection of whimsical jewelry 

J. Crew doesn’t disappoint with modern, preppy classics 
 Bauble Bar’s Valentine’s and Monogrammed collections are personal favorites 

Both Dogeared & Catbird are fantastic sites for more lovely, adorable jewelry & gifts 

Since the first time I saw these “love rings,” I’ve been in love with them. 
Variations can be found all over, including these from Etsy


You never say no to a sweet treat

And if comfort and a romantic experience is more your style, 
cozy throws, pillows, and thoughtful home items (found at One Kings Lane)
create a movie night on the couch that's fantastic to me.

And last, but never least, 
the gift of beautiful flowers is always special. 

all photos found on their respective online shots or  via Tumblr


About Me & This

Over the weekend, I finally got around to 
putting together an “About Me” page 
for this site of mine. 

It can viewed via the “ABOUT” tab 
on the top of the left side column,
at the top of the page, at any time. 

Other weekend highlights included
stocking up on papers, stickers, bags, tags, cards and more, 
gearing up for some Valentine crafts, baking and wrapping, 
and trying my hand at domesticity and cooking a casserole.

And then came Sunday and 
with it, time to join in 
with some American traditions
and watch the Super Bowl, 
while I enjoyed some (craft) brews, 
too much chili, chips and dips,
and the commercials and half time show, 
more than the touchdowns.

Have a wonderful week~

photo via Pinterest


Happy Friday

"I have to be alone very often. 
I’d be quite happy 
if I spent from Saturday night 
until Monday morning 
alone in my apartment. 
That’s how I refuel.

- Audrey Hepburn

photo found on Pinterest