Bring on the Hearts

I consider myself a very easy person to shop for.
I love a lot of pretty things and cozy comforts.
Head into any one of my favorite stores, 
or browse through any of my favorite online shops, 
pick something out, 
and there is a 99% chance I’ll love it.

I’m also one of the rare people that absolutely love Valentine’s Day.
It seems most people these days are anti-February 14th, 
filling the day with sarcasm, resentment, and eye-rolling. 
My love for this holiday has nothing to do with being in a relationship though, 
as many base their plans solely on that aspect. 
Case in point:
I’m in the middle of baking and crafting together treats for my girlfriends.

Since I was young, my parents have filled Valentine’s Day 
with sweet surprises and cards, and I have grown up loving 
the brownies my Mom shared with us and the sweet cards from my Dad. 
I remember fondly the year he bought a pack of children’s Valentine’s cards, 
filled out over 20 of them and hid them around the house 
for my sister and I to discover throughout our morning.

I love sweets and champagne, cards and carbs, little gifts and goodies on Valentine’s Day and I’m not embarrassed to admit it. 

And on that note, 
here are some gift ideas for the ladies in your life on this lovely day:

Kate Spade’s collection of whimsical jewelry 

J. Crew doesn’t disappoint with modern, preppy classics 
 Bauble Bar’s Valentine’s and Monogrammed collections are personal favorites 

Both Dogeared & Catbird are fantastic sites for more lovely, adorable jewelry & gifts 

Since the first time I saw these “love rings,” I’ve been in love with them. 
Variations can be found all over, including these from Etsy


You never say no to a sweet treat

And if comfort and a romantic experience is more your style, 
cozy throws, pillows, and thoughtful home items (found at One Kings Lane)
create a movie night on the couch that's fantastic to me.

And last, but never least, 
the gift of beautiful flowers is always special. 

all photos found on their respective online shots or  via Tumblr

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