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While it’s no secret that I love Valentine’s Day, I don’t however demand huge, dramatic gestures on the 14th of February every year. I much more prefer taking the opportunity to simply enjoy the special people in your life on this special day, making sure they know how much they are loved and cared for. Whether that mean a card, a call or a little box of chocolates, communicating your love is what I adore on February 14th, the one day a year who’s purpose to purely to spread and share love.

And this year, didn’t disappoint. 

I had heard people mention “love languages” and liked the theory that we each show our love for others in our own ways, via our own languages. Tom and I have routinely joked about how much I love cards and how he couldn’t care less for them. But I crave the written word, the descriptions of feelings. He however, when asked how he loves, believes in actions, in providing, especially in the act of preparing meals, when I’m usually too lazy and could easily just rely on scrambled eggs. 

And so this Valentine’s Day was especially fitting for us. Without consciously realizing it, we gave each other what the other appreciates most, we spoke the right language to one another, showing our love in the best way for each individual.

I prepared and cooked a full dinner that evening, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and rounded out the meal with a classic cheesecake, one of the few desserts he actually loves.

And he gave me a beautiful card that captured his thoughts and feelings perfectly. I have recently been admiring succulents and other terrarian plants and my guy gave me a trio to start a little collection.

And as we sat and enjoyed our leisurely dinner, I soaked up the calm, the peace that evening, before we flashed back to reality and work and demands and cleaning up.

It wasn’t until I heard a comment a day later about love languages and I thought back to our dinner, that I realized how strongly we represent that theory. And how well we are learning each other’s language over time. 

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day xoxo

photo via my Instagram

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