Ginger Ale & Downton Abbey

Since departing for NYC last Thursday evening, 
I have gone through a complete sickness lifecycle. 
I woke Friday morning with the beginning of the flu 
and it proceeded to worsen during my stay in the city. 
With a blizzard hitting the northeast, making me unable to travel back home earlier, 
our weekend went a little different than planned, 
and I camped out on my girlfriend’s couch, 
as we immersed ourselves in tv, 
lots of (non-alcoholic) fluids, 
and lots more girl talk. 

I returned home Sunday night, 
stomach feeling better but sore throat and cough just getting started 
and not until today, 
a week later, can I say that I finally feel well. 

I don’t know if I had the official flu, 
but I also don’t know the last time I felt this sick, 
this sort of exhaustion, these body aches, and so, 
next year, I’m getting the shot. 

But last weekend in NYC wasn’t a total fail. 
In the midst of feeling like complete crap, 
and being away from the comfort of your own home, 
I was reminded of the amazing friends I have. 
They surrounded me with reassurance, love, care 
and lots of sherbet and ginger ale. 

If I couldn’t be at home, they were the next best thing. 

And so this week, I continued to rest. 
To recuperate. 
And then finally was able to taste flavors again, 
with the boys latest creation: 
buttermilk biscuits stuffed with barbecue pulled pork.

I snuggled with my cat 
and soaked up some reading 
and Downton Abbey catch-up.
I returned to work mid-week 
and caught up and got organized. 
It’s back to reality, 
back to to-do lists, 
to errands, to exercise.

Waking up this morning and finally feeling well, 
felt so, so good. 

photo via Tumblr

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