My New Drink of Choice

I jumped on the green juice wagon over a month ago, 
and yes, 
I’m hooked. 

I’d heard about the glories of juicing for quite some time
and have even tried one of the  3-day cleanses 
with shipped-to-my-door juices.

But it was a recipe I found on Sous Style
featuring the absolutely radiant Kimberly Snyder
and her signature Glowing Green Smoothie,
that got me to try making one myself.
I loved that you could make enough for 3-4 days, 
and it consisted of common ingredients, 
no odd oils, supplements or other items 
I wouldn’t be able to obtain at my local grocery.

Kimberly swore by her smoothie 
and proclaimed lots of fabulous benefits 
that I yearned for.

So I gave it a go.

And it really is fabulous.

But what I love
is every time I make a batch, 
almost every Sunday evening, 
I edit the recipe, 
making it my own. 

You can personalize the juice so it works in your favor.
After the first try, I added an extra apple 
so I could get used to the green flavor a bit more.
I love lemon, so instead of half a lemon, 
I always use a full one.
I’ve continued to experiment, 
tweaking ingredients and amounts, 
creating my own version.

This past week I mixed kale in with the spinach, 
and while thicker and “greener,”
I like it and love knowing I’m getting so many nutrients right away in the morning. 
I feel healthier, 
and even if it’s more mind over matter, 
I can’t deny that I feel better.

It may be trendy and cliche, 
but I’m on the green juice band wagon, 
and I ain’t getting off anytime soon.

I see a potential future career here....
Liz Greene Juice??

all photos from my iPhone/Instagram

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