Taking Control

Never one to say no to a fresh start, 
I'm excited to begin tomorrow, 
with a new outlook on my schedule 
and my sanity.

After weeks of dinner dates, get togethers and a calendar filled to the brim, 
I've decided that I will no longer allow myself to fill up everyday without a break.
No more excuses.

While most of my appointments and dinners have been for fun, 
a side effect of an overly blooming social life, 
other side effects have taken over, 
including exhaustion, anxiety, and frustration
at the lack of time and energy available to devote to those things 
that we all say we want to do, 
that we desire to do, 
but that rarely ever occur. 

I've absolutely loved spending time with those dear to me over the recent weeks;
it's been a gift considering my absolute lack of time 
in past years.
But I know that overall, 
our time together in the future will be enriched 
if, as individuals, we feel our best, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

And so, going forward, 
I'm only allowing two or three days a week to be scheduled. 
I will consider my work schedule and let that determine 
if I have time to add in any "fun extras."

And on the days I block off for myself, for life, for my sanity, 
I will actually be able to focus on the things
I so desperately want to ingrain into my life.
I'm making exercise a priority, 
I'm going to try out some of those recipes 
from that pile of cookbooks
and the collection of prints-outs I've gathered.

I'm excited to finally catch up with my beloved stack of magazines, 
to focus more on my writing ideas, 
to read a book. 

And I'm going to sleep.
And breathe. 
And enjoy more deeply.

Simply making a choice 
to manage my days and nights in this way, 
is empowering. 
I'm taking control.
It feels great.

I have a kale, banana, peanut butter and honey smoothie awaiting me in the morning, 
and a delicious salad packed up ready for lunch.  
I'm sipping some wine and getting ready to soak up some Mad Men 
to round out my productive weekend. 

Good things are happening. 

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