A very rainy weekend

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted (and so much as being going on!) but I hate doing re-cap posts…It feels pressure-filled and mandatory…like homework…so anyways, let’s just get it over with ; )

Last Friday, the boy and I had dinner at Sibling Rivalry, in the South End…it was fancier and more expensive than I had expected…but it was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed every single bite and every single sip that evening. We had sultry cabernet (I believe it was the Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast, 2005) and two apps and two entrees. The mini crab cakes, ordered due to my love of anything crab, were petite but moist and yummy. Their Moroccan lamb had a crusty outer shell, with a sweet sauce and small cucumber side salad that we gobbled up…I could have ordered two more and had that as my main dish; it was that good.

We settled on two different entrees so we could sample each others. I thoroughly enjoyed my delectable duck (who knew I love duck!?), with sweet potatoes, onions and a sour cherry sauce, and the boy devoured his lamb chops.

Complete satisfaction. And so nice to spend the time together, catch up with our lives, and enjoy an awesome meal : )

And then the rain returned and it didn’t stop. Literally didn’t stop for days. It put a slight damper on the weekend, with my feelings of dampness and chilled becoming everlasting.

I worked all Saturday at Passport and it was fabulous being back there. It was fun to be in the lovely store, check out the new products and stay huddled indoors as it poured outside, venturing out only for some of my Harvard Square favorites: $1 breakfast sandwiches from Cardullos, of course Crema, and Sweet, where I fell in love with their blueberry pancake cupcake (simply amazing-I don’t even know where to start in the description of flavor). And on the same day, the amazing owner of the boutique had a baby boy. As my Mom always says, there is something so wonderful whenever a baby is born; it’s simply happiness; it’s just plain good stuff. It made me smile for sure.

And that night the boy and I pushed through the nasty elements outside and ventured out for a party where I felt what a small world it is when some girlfriends walked into the same party. Boston is just that small.

And as the rain continued to drench the east coast all day Sunday, we said no to the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade and yes to sweatpants, grocery store visit and cooking an Irish Feast. Or I should say, the boy cooked the corned beef and cabbage feast (eh, I tried it, not much more to say that that) and I made a cheesy artichoke dip that I proclaim is Irish since I used Dubliner cheese. I obviously liked the dip more than the cabbage.

Then the dreaded Monday arrived and I was exhausted and stressed once again. The torrential rain didn’t help matters. But a nice dinner with a dear friend at Trident Cafe on Newbury helped a bit and on Tuesday I made a giant to-do list, adamant on being productive, taking care of things that were piling up in my head. And I did just that. I did it all, all that is, except blog and sleep.

And then this morning I walked to work once again, and during those 2.5 miles my mood changed. I started out on Mass Ave and called home. I vented to my Mom about all my stresses and how frustrated I was once again with everything, and teared up. And then after we hung up, I noticed how absolutely beautiful it was outside finally. The sun shined down on the Charles River and sailboat and rowing teams were out already. There was a glare so strong off the Hancock Building that I needed sunglasses. And I decided ‘no more.’ No more being frustrated, overwhelmed and negative. I’ve felt in a funk for awhile now and I’m plain sick of it. Work and real life isn’t going anyway anytime soon so I might as well learn to deal with it and do what I need to do to find a balance between work, sleep and everything in between. I have a very full, busy life, full of activities, people and things I want to do, and I should enjoy this and not feel stressed and frustrated. Instead of waiting for this funk to leave, I’m taking control of it. I won’t let things pile up too much that it stresses me out, but I’ll try to let some stuff just go. I’m going to eat well and healthy too, because when I do, I love it and it makes such a difference. I want to try cooking something new once a week.

And despite a stressful morning at work, I had a great day and when I got frustrated and pissed off with some assignments, I just focused and did what I had to do to get it done, stayed strong and got through it and when I stepped out of the office, 30 minutes later than usual, I began my walk home and soaked up the last remnants of the sun. It was beautiful as usual as I hurried across the bridge back into Cambridge, in time to make my hilarious Zumba class.

And now I’m pretty much caught up with my re-cap.

And lastly, one request: please sun, don’t leave. You make such a difference in everything and for everyone. Boston seems to have doubled in size within a week with all the people out and about!

And tomorrow’s Thursday, and that’s just great.

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