The sun shined in NYC

I had a fun weekend in the crazy town of Manhattan. Delicious dim sum left me feeling fully satisfied but not stuffed, and eager to try more new flavors and tastes. We made the wise choice to not go out on the town Friday night and indulge in sleep instead. It was much needed and fabulous.

And Saturday morning the sun shined, despite the chilly temps and after a huge, cheesy bagel delight (I requested my favorite Ithaca Bakery veggie bagel creation at Tal Bagel and while it wasn’t the same, it was still amazing), we walked downtown and shopped, all three of us girls treating ourselves to spring/summer dresses, and then walked back uptown. A weekend in NYC without ever being on the subway is perfect in my book.

And then a crazy night hopping about the Upper East Side left me with few hours of sleep, too much 3 am pizza from some place by the name of Fat Sals, and still feeling way too full at brunch the next morning (aka poking my eggs and ham, just eating a piece of toast and some bites of hash browns.)

But overall, another classic fabulous NYC fun filled weekend. Next time I’m in the city though, I want to do more long dinners and day time adventures and steer away from the nighttime scene which can seem a bit expensive, fattening, overwhelming, and just overdone. I don’t really need to be squished into a crowded bar with rude, greasy guys, who don’t stop “bumping” into you, when there are so many fantastic finds to discover in this amazing city. I can get the bar scene in Boston if desired or any other city really. And the NYC version is just too much sometimes.

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