My sin: microwaveable dinners

I’m embarrassed to admit that tonight is the second night in a row that I’ve just tossed my dinner in the microwave and 4 minutes later, ate my meal. I’m not a microwaveable dinner type of girl, though I do like having Amy’s Organic Burritos on hand for a quick go-to, but really only resort to them once every couple of weeks.

So two nights in a row is rare; last night was a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers meal, and tonight was some Birds Eye veggies with pasta in a garlic butter sauce. I’m not proud, but to my credit, both nights I’ve tossed in some extra additional broccoli, green beans and carrots into my heated up containers.

Why have I been sucked into this realm? Pure and simple: I’m really tired. I have no energy.

I miss cooking. I miss the feeling of satisfaction after making myself a home cooked, healthy meal, with leftovers for lunch the next day. I miss having the energetic enthusiasm to do this at night.

What do you do to in these sort of circumstances?

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