Adieu Julia

The blog that opened the doors of this online universe is taking a leave of absence and I’d be a liar if I claimed that I didn’t really care. NonSociety, and specifically Julia Allison, has entertained and inspired me for over a year now, after I first learned about their Life Casting from the cover of her Wired Magazine article. And since then, I followed her, and Meghan, Mary, Katrina, and Jordan’s antics regularly. I met Julia when she spoke at MIT last May, where she encouraged me to just write, about anything at all, as long as it was combining letters and words.

I felt like I knew them, and yet of course, I didn’t. I knew their blogging-personas but still, they were friendly online acquaintances and I never got sick of a love poem, a motivational quote, advice doled out on any subject, or simply an adorable picture of Lilly.

And today Julia wrote her most beautiful post yet and I sincerely wish her well and have no doubt in my mind she will succeed on whatever path life takes her.

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