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My Mom recently became introduced to, and by introduced I mean has become quite smitten with, Pinterest.

As I’ve helped instruct her on the ins and outs of creating boards, pinning, re-pinning and learning about the ability to completely lose track of time as you scroll down the Pinterest pages, I quickly realized how much I have been missing this site in my life (my productivity may disagree but you can’t win all your battles).

I quickly jumped on the Pinterest wagon in its infancy but over the past few months barely frequented the site, my boards left stagnant, my time online spent reading blogs, articles and Twitter.

Wow, I’ve been missing out.

I forgot how inspiring and motivated you can feel as you browse through the images and ideas. I may even go as far as to say Pinterest has seemed to have improved since my last tenure. 

The boy and I have been in my new apartment since September and while we’ve been 99% moved in for awhile now, its those final details that are driving me nuts. That random box of frames, the blank walls in the dining room, I’ve been racking my brain on how to distribute/store/organize/decorate, how to add some finishing touches on this apartment that I love so much, one that I plan on staying in for at least a couple years. 

And now Pinterest has re-entered my life and along with it, the hope and promise of fresh ideas, DIY-projects to consider, ways to transform my apartment into my home. 

Thank you Mom for reminding me of this gem and with your new passion for pinning, I’m thinking we can put together some pretty fantastic plans. 

Here are some photos that are currently getting me excited and eager to work on my interior design and make our living quarters really feel like ours: 

more of my Pinterest boards & photos can be viewed here

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