Life Lately

Life lately is busy, 
my schedule is packed, 
the boy’s schedule is packed,
lots to do at work, 
lots to do at home, 
to get this home to become
 what I believe it has the potential to become.

Lots of writing to be done,
to grow this little blog I own.

Lots of cookies to be baked, 
to send to loved ones.
Lots of meals to be made
to nourish me
and the boy,
during these busy days and cold, winter nights.

Piles of magazines to catch up on, 
television shows waiting to be watched

Lots of dinner dates to be had, 
and with these gatherings, 
I’ve been reminded lately 
of how absolutely wonderful my girlfriends are, 
how vital they are to my existence,
and how blessed I am to have these relationships in my life.

I’ve been reminded lately 
to enjoy the little things, 
the little joys all around me.

Life lately is busy, 
but it is good, 
in fact, 
it’s pretty lovely.

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