Fashion Blog Crushes

Continuing with my shout outs to the sites 
that inspire me within the fantastic World Wide Web 
(yesterday I acknowledged the food blogs that keep my stomach happy), 
today I am saying thank you 
to the fashion and style blogs 
that get me excited 
to get dressed.

Whether for work, 
or an event or party,
or simply a dinner date out, 
these fashionable ladies and their beautiful photos
make me eager to tackle my own closet chaos
and feed my creativity 
with new ideas and items.

with styles that most relate to my own personal aesthetic,
so classy and so fun
(and that black lace dress with sparkling jewels combo is beyond perfect)

whom I adore for the shared love of a certain type of flower, 
and for her adorably chic style and overall look

with her East Coast style, 
infused with her California casual vibe, 
a look I think we all try to master, 
and Laney just gets it so right

Anna, from Tulip Louise
one of my original favorites, 
who knows how to mix high-and-low oh so perfectly

and who supplied me with
my all time favorite fashionista photo of 2012
(below, Anna at NYFW)

all photos from their respective sites

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