Foodie Blog Crushes

As I spend this glorious week between Christmas and New Years 
lounging at my family’s home in snowy upstate New York, 
I’m finally having the time to catch up with the many blogs 
that I so thoroughly enjoy, 
yet fell behind with reading during the past few crazy weeks.

And as I do so, 
I’m reminded of just how deeply these blogs inspire and influence me. 
As I work on creating my own little space in the blogosphere, 
these sites that I enjoy are my constant sources of inspiration; 
for my personal blog, 
for my home, for the clothes I wear, 
the food I eat, and more.

So as we wrap up 2012, 
I’d like to give some little shout outs to the blogs that helped to make my year 
more fantastic and fabulous, 
starting with the food blogs that get me excited to create in the kitchen
...and make me think I too can make something 
so deliciously good (looking):

for her witty, relatable writing 
and for aiding in the growth of my sweet tooth

Sara, at the Sprouted Kitchen
with her wise, beautiful words 
and for helping me feel better 
after I’ve indulged in too many of Joy’s cookies

Clara from Channeling Contessa
for giving me that middle ground between Joy and Sara 
 (the two gorgeous pasta shots probably aren’t the best representation but I love my carbs) 
and making everything seem doable for someone like me 

all photos from their respective sites

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