Lifestyle Blogs Worthy of Adoration

It’s been a week, 
a crazy one to say the least, 
getting back into reality
 and with a wedding tossed into the weekend, 
but I’m back with a shout-out 
and a thank you,
to the lifestyle blogs that I love. 

These fantastically beautiful sites
motivate me in numerous ways, 
with recipes, crafts, 
fresh ideas inspiration and more.

Cupcakes & Cashmere may be an absolute legend among bloggers, 
but Emily and her site has been one of my top favorites for quite some time.

I sincerely look forward to her daily posts, 
especially loving her Five Things on every Friday.

Oh and she makes me feel like I’m not the only cat lady around...

Back before I was really aware of the immense world of blogs, 
I was reading Elle one day 
and came upon a little feature about Miss Taryn Cox

Several years later, I still follow her site religiously and am continuously entertained. 

I may not be a wife, 
but her travel photos, honesty, humor,
recipes, advice, gift ideas, and  
Style Inspiration (and her mutual adoration of Miranda Kerr), 
connect us all. 

While Stripes & Sequins may be a newer addition to my blog roll, 
it has begone to encourage me to dive into an area that I’m a bit tentative of: 
my creativity.

With beautiful posts and detailed information, 
I think I too can make that gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Grace is that young woman that just has the talent at making things look oh so easy, but she’s also relatable...and seriously, who can stay away from stripes and sequins?

all photos from their respective sites

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