Prepping some veggies

Ready to be cooked…


After doing a yoga DVD last night, my body is fantastically sore.
And with it absolutely gross out (cold, drizzly, yucky),
going for a run was definitely off my list this evening.

So instead, I put together a healthy dinner: stuffed peppers. I didn’t follow a recipe, but used my creativity, and stuffed 2 green peppers with:
brown rice, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic, salt & pepper,
breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese…
and then topped off with some shredded Mexican-style cheese.

Bake for 30 minutes and serve.

Nothing gourmet, nothing fancy, but still,
a nice cooked-in-the-oven meal.

Quite good I must say, but next time,
I need to up the spice & flavor level…
maybe more garlic.

Still, I’m already looking forward to
the other pepper for lunch tomorrow…
and relaxing tonight with the remote and my book,
after a long, hectic, stressful hump day at the office.

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