Today at work I assisted with organizing our internal staff day-long meeting that is taking place tomorrow. It wasn’t a big deal, but I decided on the menus for lunch, snacks and cocktails (which will be needed after a day full of meetings that begin bright and early).

I put together some nice binders with an agenda, project descriptions for all divisions in our company, and of course, organized them with (hot pink and purple) dividers.

As I took care of these little details, something struck me: I loved doing this. I wanted to do even more for our internal staff event; I wanted to make it nicer and better run and styled.

I enjoy planning events. I enjoy throwing parties. Give me a little taste of it, like today at the office, and I want to run with it. It was almost a tease being able to do only a little of what I love, and what I do well.

I want to throw dinner parties. Themed. Festive bbqs and picnics.
Pot luck dinners and cocktail hours.
Birthday parties for 8 year old and 80 year olds.
Brunches and bowling show-downs.

I’m not sure how to turn this into a career, but they say ‘follow your interests, do what you enjoy.’ So for now, my friends and family get to be on the receiving end of my experiments, my baking and cooking, my arts and crafts.

And my co-workers get to enjoy some apple cinnamon bread that’s currently cooling in my kitchen tomorrow morning at our meeting.

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