Treating Oneself

I had a mix of emotions after my girlfriends left on Sunday
(after a delicious brunch at the Paramount on Charles Street I must add though).
I was sad they left, yet excited to have the afternoon to tidy up,
run errands in Harvard Square and indulge in some
homemade gorgonzola-sausage-onions & peppers pizza with the boy.

A weekend with college girlfriends obviously involves an insane amount of girl talk,
ranging from the light and flirty talk
to the serious venting, and after their departure,
my brain was still trying to process it all.

50% off the bargain basement at Urban Outfitters
plus some lovely finds for spring
(including the dress above but in navy & white)…

…a papaya-pineapple iced tea from TeaLuxe
and a couple new magazine treats help wondrously : )

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