Fresh start Mondays

I love Mondays. Tuesdays are terrible, but Mondays are good. They get you organized for the week ahead.  They let you flip that page over in your weekly planner and start fresh.  They allow you to take inventory of what the week ahead of you holds.  Mondays are for fun, dorky, organizing and planning.  Mondays let me do these things that I like to do alone.  Like get groceries…and buy avocados and lots of orange juice so I can fight off the colds and sicknesses that are consuming everyone. Mondays let me catch up on emails to friends, checking in with them to see what they’re being for Halloween, how their boyfriends are, how they’re surviving life post college, if they still hungover from the weekend.  On Mondays I check my bank account and either smile or close out of it quite quickly. Mondays are for taking stock of any new job postings on various sites and searching for any more that haven’t been checked lately. Mondays are for sending out resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter, hoping and praying with each one for something positive to arrive in my inbox.  Mondays are for hitting up the gym after a gluttonous weekend, vowing that you’ll be returning for the next four days, looking fine by Friday. And Mondays are for starting a blog, a blog about nothing in particular, yet sort of about everything. Things I like, things I don’t like. Ideas, thoughts, adventures. Recipes and pictures. Shout outs and songs. A recording of what’s going on right now, in my crazy random life. 

Mondays are for feeling incredibly productive and excited. And today was a success.

Happy Monday : )

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