Hump day funk

I’m in a funk and don’t really know why. I’m frustrated…with life. With my lack of funds, with my lack in personal discipline to avoid bowls and bowls of chips, salsa & guac at Border Cafe.  And then the frustration/bad mood just gets the ball rolling and everything seems shitty. So I give in, let the bad mood take over, fully indulge in the shittiness, and vow to start fresh tomorrow. Because sometimes a really great bad mood is fun. 

How messed up does that sound?

But at least when you indulge and let yourself just feel shitty, the next day is bound to be better.  I think I may start my day off tomorrow with a Citrus C Odwalla drink, which is delicious and makes me feel good getting in some vitamins  and fruits right away in the A.M. Stay away Swine Flu.

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