I obviously suck at daily blogging

So it’s already the middle of November and I haven’t blogged since end of October…not to make excuses, but things became super busy, with Halloween (tons of fun as a Beyonce Single Lady) and then my birthday which was absolutely fabulous : )  I feel so lucky and blessed to have such amazingly awesome friends, some who traveled quite some distances to join in on the birthday fun!

But yes, all that craziness left me away from my computer more than usual and made me lazy and left lots of empty space on this blog of mine. I vow not to let this become routine and as I get more into my writing once again, it’s making me want to continue this blog more and more so I promise to make a greater effort in being much more regular with my posts. 

As I said, it was a busy couple fun weeks, but now it’s the middle of November and Boston is still beautiful!  I’m deeply in love with fall and plan on walking around the city a bit today and doing a little shopping…though I’m trying to spend less money, I seem to suck at that as well (any justification, I’m going out to use some Macy’s gift cards on kitchen supplies and a bday gift card at Vickys..lets see if I can just keep to those purchases)!

Following are some pictures form recent weeks and I’ll be back soon : )

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