Omlettes in a bowl

I found a recipe in a recent Glamour magazine and have become obsessed! It’s a super easy way to cook up eggs, omlette-style but so much quicker, cleaner and faster! Basically you just spray a microwavable bowl with cooking spray (Pam), and toss in your eggs and any veggies, cheese, etc…place a plate over the top of the bowl and microwave for about 3 minutes. Done. Delicious.

Why hasn’t anyone done this before!? It’s my go to dinner when I have no energy/time/ingredients. I usually throw in tomatoes and cheese (obviously Parmasean), but tonight I used some frozen peppers and onions…not too shabby!

I’m always searching for ideas on what to cook for one person. I came across this book and it looks perfect! I thoroughly enjoy “cooking for one” and would love healthy, cheap, and creative meal ideas!

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