12 days later...I am alive...

I know I should get way better at this blogging thing…but in all honesty, it has been one of the craziest weeks ever! Take a look at what has been going on in the past 12 days:

1. I went to NYC. Saw the filming of “Gossip Girl” right in front of Suzy’s apt. Saw my uncle. Saw the Rockerfeller Xmas Tree. Partied with Santa Hats = had a blast.
2. Started at my new job all day Monday and Friday.
3. Finished at the store Tues, Wed, and Thurs.
4. Had “before the holidays” dinners with several lovely ladies.
5. Trivia night for a sanity booster.
6. Cleaned up apt, packed up to go home.
7. Christmas dinner at the Chart House in downtown Boston with the boy. Delicious baked stuffed flounder mmmm
8. Braved a northeast snow storm to sit for 6 hrs at the airport, several flight changes, tears as I sat at the Legal Test Kitchen bar in the airport terminal with clam chowder and salad…to finally make it home in good ole CNY a little after 8 pm Sunday night.

Can you blame me for having no time to fiddle away and blog about some cute purses I saw flipping leisurely through a magazine!?

So I’m home with the family. I’m trying to relax and breathe. But also, I’m still busy…

Got the swine flu shot (phew!) and got $300 worth of groceries with Mom. Writing away, trying to get 5 freelance assignments done before Christmas and more family. 3 are done so far (not bad, eh!?) Tomorrow morning it’s off to the mall, hopefully home by noon. Last minute errands and some “new work clothes” for me ; )

But I’m back blogging this week.


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