A whole week

It’s been a week since I’ve posted and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!


While it isn’t with the company that I’ve been telling you about…I was really disappointed actually about that, but it’s interesting how things play out, and as cliche as it sounds, when a door closes, another window sure does fly open!

So within a week, after 2 interviews, I have a new job. A real, adult-like, Monday thru Friday job. Salary. Benefits. I’m so excited!! But since it happened so fast and it’s a job that is different from what I had really ever imagined, it took me awhile to just wrap my head around it. But after some baking (I’m totally serious) and thinking and getting some crying out with all the sudden emotions, I’m embracing this awesome opportunity! I’ll be doing administrative work, as well as writing/editorial work and planning events! I really think this is a fabulous job for me; it’s a unique combination of my skills and experiences; almost weirdly fitting for me!

So, yes, it’s been a busy week! And now, off to NYC for my best friend’s holiday party! This really is the busiest time of year! I have something going on literally every single day til I fly home for a week! But I’m going to try not to flake on posting : )

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