last night home

I’m headed back to Beantown tomorrow afternoon. I have lots of mixed emotions, as I always do when I leave home. But then again, where really is home anymore for me?

I’m looking forward to returning tomorrow, to get organized, unpack, get going in my usual/new work routine. And New Years is just a few days away, so I still have some holiday fun before really getting down to business.

But I still get sad, super sad, leaving the family. Tonight’s dinner just made me wish I lived closer to home, to meet up with Mom for lunch, to come home and watch movies with Dad and the sis. I wish I lived closer to my uncle and to go watch my little cousin’s field hockey games. It just sucks.

Not sure how to solve this sad dilemma. We try to plan the next visit but is that all I can do? Does the feeling of homesickness ever really go away?

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