It’s one of the quietest Saturday nights I’ve had in awhile. Hanging out with Mom, painting my nails a nice, “Siberian Nights” OPI deep purple, watching the Olympics. A quiet night indeed, but please, I’m not complaining.

It’s been a nice visit with Mom, having her in town. We traveled over the bridge to Beacon Hill today and had a hilarious and yummy lunch at Cafe Vanille, where I throughly enjoyed a mini-quiche and some soup, followed by a scrumptous Apricot Tart split with Mother Dearest. So much for eating light this weekend.

We poked around some of my favorite boutiques, Holiday, Moxie, the Flat of the Hill. I picked up some new perfume, from a brand I’ve been meaning to try.

And this evening we had dinner with the boy and a buddy, at Johnny D’s Uptown. The night ended with a blue band taking the stage at the restaurant, with the singer jumping up and down as he belted out “Sugar Coated Loving” or something along those lines (decked out in patent leather white loafers of course). The music was more exciting than the food to say the least; my turkey burger was decent but far from the best I’ve ever had.

And now tomorrow Mom heads back to Syracuse and I shed some tears. I’m looking forward to a Lenten mass and brunch in the morning as a nice wrap up to the weekend and a nice way to start the new week. I vow to start this week prepped, organized and most importantly, relaxed. While I’ve loved loved loved having my Mom visit, I let myself get too stressed and anxious about making sure everything goes smoothly, people are enjoying themselves and plans are going well. It’s caused me to get upset and tense and not enjoy the real purpose of my Mom’s visit. Tomorrow I won’t let that be the case. I think a yummy, relaxing mother-daughter brunch is the perfect cure.

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