Momma's in town

My mom flew in last night and enjoyed dinner with the boy and I. While she played it safe with a simple, but delicious margarita flatbread pizza, the boy and I tried some new flavors at the little hole in the wall down my street, The Garden at the Cellar.

It was so so good. We shared a duck & fig with goat cheese flatbread (fig=sweet=addictive), toasted pistachio encrusted chicken wings, and a lamb chop dipped in tomato & squash puree.

And the whole table snacked on rosemary infused french fries.

Absolutely enjoyable.

And now it’s Friday and I’m not at work which is great in itself. Mom and I are getting ready for the day and then heading to Harvard Square where I will introduce her to my love Crema Cafe (I hope they still have the Golden Crema Latte!) and hopefully some of the lovely ladies at Passport.

And then maybe some venturing downtown…Anthropologie!?

Either way, hanging out with Mom is great, whether we shop and eat to our hearts desire, or sit on the couch and drink some coffee. It’s much needed time no matter what.

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