no plans. zero. zip. nada. fabulouso.

Something shocking happened tonight. I don’t even remember the last time this occurred. It’s breathtaking, awe-inspiring.

I had no plans after work.

At first, I instinctively attempted to make plans. Text messages went out this morning, inquiring people to meet up for a drink. I said “maybe” to offers from friends to go out later on. And then it hit me. I crave for nights like this. When I’m busy, or just have plans to go to the gym, I long for a night of nothing-ness. And so I made no further plans. I just came home.

And despite a minor freak out/sob fest when I discovered a dead mouse in a trap and shoveled it up in a bag to deposit outside, tonight has been just great.

I cooked a delicious comfort food style meal for myself: whole wheat pasta with asparagus, onion, shrimp and some spoonfuls of veggie-rich tomato sauce…topped with lots of parmesan cheese (a personal obsession of mine; it can seriously go on anything).

I feel full and content. I’ve read some of my favorite sites and blogs, I’ve lit a candle, and I’m watching the Olympics. The Celtics are winning (I continue to check on espn.com) and tomorrow is Friday.

So despite a long week and feeling quite tired, annoyed (for some reason today, everything put me on edge) and the horrid non-stop rain outside, I’m ok tonight.

It’s time to bring on a fabulous Friday.

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