A typical Monday night; I’m home from work, the gym (probably my once a week visit as what’s become my usual), I showered, had dinner and I’m all caught up with my TV and just hanging out, reading blogs. And as usual, I’m so tired, and so out of it.

It was a fun, busy weekend; at the last minute I got tickets to the Black Eyed Peas concert Friday night with a friend. Absolutely awesome concert; I fell in love with Fergie and Wil.I.Am. We attempted to enter the after party at the Estate, but as we stood in line, I took in the scene around me and it just didn’t feel right. These girls all ran about, in teeny tiny, skin tight dresses, 5 inch heels, cell phone in hand, cigarette in the other. They screamed that they know so-and-so, that they just had to be let in, acting as if they were better than everyone else. And it just hit me, that why I bet this is a lot of fun at times, right then and there, it was not me. I didn’t want to get sucked into their attitude, and so I got in a taxi and went to the boy’s place, had a couple drinks, some cheese pizza, and we played CatchPhrase. And it was great.

Too much indulging and too little sleep left me feeling like shit as usual as well. Which leads to me feeling shitty mentally and emotionally as well. But I didn’t have time to think about it…I had to bake cupcakes for a baby shower! And so out came my Martha Stewart Cupcake book and I made vanilla cupcakes, melted chocolate to fold into my Mom’s vanilla buttercream frosting (with Meme’s homemade secret-recipe vanilla), toasted some shredded coconut and sprinkled it around the light brown frosting…then 3 little dabs of blue frosting and we had…baby blue eggs on a nest! Other than the eggs being a bit droopy, I was quite happy with my treats.

And the baby shower was just fantastic. We surprised Jess, the owner of Passport Boutique, and all of us girls got her an organic baby food steamer. She was thrilled and it was just so nice to being with sweet, lovely ladies, snack away (cheese & crackers, my cupcakes, and this delish fruit & whipped cream truffle) and enjoy each others company, as we celebrated the excitement of an impending baby’s arrival. And all the ladies are so enticing, inspiring, passionate and beautiful in their own ways. It made me feel so much better.

Treating myself to 2 dresses that I’d adored for months that just went on an extra 40% off sale didn’t hurt either ; )

And then stopping at Crema and getting some broccoli cheddar soup and chicken & spinach quiche was fantastic as well.

I need some sleep. I think it’s an important factor in the -I’d-like-to-feel-better mission I’m on.

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