hair appts are really nice

Yesterday, after an insanely stressful, hectic, at-wits-end type of day at work, I hurried over to Newbury Street for my hair appointment. I stumbled into the spa, literally out of breath and collapsed into the chair. I’ve been so overwhelmed lately, consistently stressed out and while getting my hair trimmed, teased, colored and pampered didn’t solve all my problems, it sure as hell made me feel better.

I’ve always love getting my hair done and last night was no different. I feel slightly refreshed, a bit prettier than usual and not so, well, not so sad and frustrated. And as I walked up Charles Street, heading towards the MGH T stop, I felt happy. The cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill felt warm and homey, and I passed a little girls room window that beamed of pink. I walked by a hardware store and a calico cat meowed inside the window (my craving for one of my own doubled in size). I popped into Upper Crust and got a yummy Greek salad with chicken (warm, not cold aka what I prefer). And then I headed to my boy’s place and I just hung out. We watched TV, we played some cards.

And it was so so nice. I didn’t feel all that stressed.

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