Happy Hump Day-TGIW

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday. Tomorrow, Thursday, is what I look forward to. You’re on the cusp of the weekend, of freedom, of sleep, of breathing.

Monday at work was exhausting, and I didn’t have the energy to attend the gym, so I woke up Tuesday and walked down Mass Ave. for 2.5 miles to work. It was sunny, beautiful and brisk. Refreshing. Fantastic. I stopped to take pictures as I crossed the Harvard Bridge and my stresses, anxieties and worries that have been bogging me down lately, overwhelming me, slipped away for a bit and it was wonderful. And I treated myself to a McDonald’s iced coffee which I must say is delicious.

But as expected, those stresses re-entered my life by mid-day, but it’s amazing what a much-needed dinner with a lovely girlfriend can do to lift your spirits. I met a dear friend who I worked with at Passport at Cambridge 1; both company and food was delectable. It was great to catch up with her and chit chat and just enjoy. And my spinach, artichoke heart, goat cheese and tomato charcoal grilled pizza was scrumptious. I’m lately thoroughly enjoying artichoke hearts (picked up some at Whole Foods last Friday) and the full cherry tomatoes just burst into flavor in my mouth.

I felt revived after and re-energized.

And today, by 5 pm, I was mentally, emotionally, and of course, physically empty. Exhausted tears could have come if I had allowed them, but an hour of hilarious Zumba, some vanilla ice cream with berries and toasted coconut and my new guilty pleasure (‘High Society’ on the CW network) helped more than I expected.

And then I remembered again that tomorrow is Thursday, and I’m planning to tackle the 2.5 mile walk again in the morning. I have to hold on to hope for positivity and for eventually getting over this feeling-shitty funk and finding a better balance in my life.

In the meantime, watching some good ole Chelsea Handler is nice too ; )

PS. Her new book just came out…I’ve already checked it out during a tea run to Barnes and Noble…it’s a must buy/must read ASAP

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