Homeward Bound

Tomorrow I board a flight home, to good ole update New York and I can barely contain my excitement. It’s bittersweet as I’ll only be home for 2 full days, returning back to Boston Sunday late afternoon, as to not miss anymore days of work. But I’m going to soak up my time at home with gusto.

It’s supposed to be gorgeous weather, and I can’t wait to walk my puppies, curl up with my cats, lounge with my Mom, catch up with my Dad, gossip with the Sister, hit up Wegmans and Target with the ease of a car(!), and just enjoy their company and being in a place that feels so right.

Oh, and Lent ends, so I’ll be consuming lot of much anticipated chocolate (I gave it up for Lent and haven’t cheated once). Bring on those Cadbury Eggs!!

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